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French Sign Language (LSF)

Posted by Ocean_30 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Pilz - 7 years ago


I have no idea of your reasons for wanting to learn LSF or previous experiences with sign language, whether you are deaf or learning for someone else so forgive me if my message comes across as patronising or anything like that, not the intention at all, I will just explain my experience which may help in any way. I was learning LSF last year with this website http://www.lsfplus.fr/  it is really great to start you off and sinks in easily.

I was simply doing it as a hobby but completely by coincidence after two weeks I met someone in a bar who was deaf and mute. I really thought I was jumping in at the deepend but was surprised how much I had learnt from the site without realising. They were French, I am English (speak French) and we spent two hours communicating with almost no problem. I had been doing about an hour a day on the site. The first thing I learnt by heart was the alphabet which really helped as anything I didn't understand I could spell, also useful for names when talking about or introducing someone. Phones came in handy to write anything down which took away the fear of getting stuck. A lot of our communication was of course lipreading which I tend to do in English anyway but had no idea I could do it in French or if they would be able to read my French!

The funny part was she could tell I had an accent :) and we had so many laughs at my attempts at some things it actually made it more fun than a normal date. The main thing to remember is that any problems you may encounter can always be solved with a phone and dictionary.

Have fun :D


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Posted by Ocean_30 - 7 years ago

That was very kind of you, thank you!!

I sent them an email!!!



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Posted by Ba&Ke - 7 years ago

I found your enquiry interesting so I've just been doing a bit of research on the internet and I haven't been able to find actual courses in this area but there are internet and long-distance learning schemes. There's a website with lots of info and you can also send them an e-mail: http://langue-des-signes-francaise.fr/.

Good luck!