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Full Hard Drive

Posted by SammyT-194551 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by NuttR - 16 years ago

Just an additional thought - if you are using Outlook then the Journal might be enabled.  If it is then Outlook will be storing copies of everything it comes in contact with.  It uses disk space like crazy...  Had the problem myself once - it used up the entire disk in a couple of days.

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Posted by JonH - 16 years ago


You could try and locate the files that are taking up the space in the following way.

If you right click the Start button, then click Explore, then right click Local Disk(C) in the folders list and click Properties, it will show you the total amount of used/free space. If you then expand the C drive (click on the plus sign next to it) you can check the size of each folder that appears below. Start with the major folders such as Program files, right click on that, then click Properties, and it will give you the amount of space it uses (mine shows 3Gb). Then check Documents and Settings in the same way, if it shows something like 30Gb or more then you're on the right track, expand to find the folders within and check the amount used, then locate the actual files and delete as necessary and clear Recycle bin.

You can keep checking the Properties of the C drive to confirm that the overall size has been reduced.

Give it a try!



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Posted by davidl-181802 - 16 years ago

The virus definitions are usually small. The updates from XP will take a bit of space but not much.

Good luck in following everybodies suggestions.


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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 16 years ago

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I'm usually pretty computer-saavy, and I run the disk clean-up/disk fragmenter pretty regularily, so that's why I've been so stumped at how the hard drive could fill up so fast. 

I actually left for vacation today, so I won't be able to play around with my laptop until next week, but when I do, I'll try searching for all of the suggested files and see what turns up.

Oh, I just had another thought - maybe it's a stretch, but is there anyway all the Microsoft updates and virus-definition updates could be taking up a lot of the space?  I get them pretty often, but I've never looked to see the size of the files.


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Well I've been doing everything you have and more on the same 25Gb drive for the last 5 years, and it's never full. You need some serious data to fill 40GB.

for example I have 1,200 of my old singles collection on Mp3's in there, along with 1,000's of hi-rez pics.

So it's not your data, it's a problem. I don't have Xp but maybe AI Mike can help, he's more up to date than I am....Mike?

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Posted by gerbil-194494 - 16 years ago

Do you run Disk Cleanup regularly? It will check files you can delete from your hard disk and compress others you've not used for a while (although photos will hardly compress).You can find it at All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk CleanupThen run All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk DefragmenterIf you've deleted the photos off your hard drive then you shouldn't see them in the directories anyway.Delete all *.bak files (or whatever you phot file editing software renames backup copies).Have you tried a search for *.jpg (or jpeg) (which I assume is the photo file format?) to see whether you have really found and deleted all copies of the photos?Update your antivirus program to the latest version and latest virus definition file and run the full program over all your hard drive (don't just leave the immediate detection in the hope that will trap everything) - you could run full detection every week to be on the safe side.After all thatRun All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Cleanup and All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter again.Then let us know how you are getting on?

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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 16 years ago

Oh, and I have Windows XP home edition.

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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 16 years ago

Okay, I'll try all the suggestions when I have a minute.

My laptop is only about a year old, and it has 40 GB, so I can't understand how it is so full already.  Besides Microsoft office, HP photo editor, and various media players, I don't really have many other programs installed. 

I read an article in today's paper saying that some of the recent viruses cause hard drives to be full by multiplying over and over once they've attacked the computer.  I do have an anti-virus program, but maybe it slipped through somehow?!?


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Okforget the new drive, I just saw Laptop!! But all the other advice is good.


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

What size is your Hard disk and what operating system are you using. Older PC's didn't really have a lot of space anyway and the microsoft bloatware often ate up 30% or more of the disk.

You need to clear out your c:windows emp folder and any files in c:windows (with all applications shut) with file names like 3hts675.TMP. They are temporary files left hanging because of a crash or a premature shutdown.

Also go through all your emails and delete attachments like media files, the are sneaky space eaters.

Go to 'start menu' then find and look for files of the following types like this:


when windows finds the files, you can look at the size and location of them to see if you still need them. For example lots of programs install stupid sounds to animate your actions, or a graphics program will install 1000 examples etc etc.

Empty your recycle bin and restart to check space.

Best advice is to uninstall all programs you have the Cd's for except Windows, then buy a new 180Gb disk for about 120 Euro. Add the new disk as Drive d: or whatever. Reinstall all your programs and all the other rubbish we all have onto the new disk, leaving your C: drive free for the operating system only. Youll find a preformance increase with lots of free space on your C: drive as windows uses free space as virtual memory if things get tight.

With 180Gb you're home free for 10 years.