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Gay men

Posted by Normalgay - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by davelyons - 15 years ago


I'm trying to help a gay friend of mine (Mickael) who is moving to Nice in a few weeks. He is gay, 21 years old and he has just come out. He has no family or freinds in France since he came out. He's staying with me in Canada until he returns to Nice in early May.

If anyone wants to chat to Mickael and can give us some info on gay life in Nice we would really like to hear from you. Please email me directly at:

dglyons@rogers.com     dglyons @ rogers.com

Thanks !!

Dave & Mickael

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Posted by wonderfulworld - 15 years ago

Hey Ben,

Don't know why you worry, there are very few people who don't know who you are anyway, or what pub you manage etc.

Who cares? I don't, do I know anyone who does? No!

Do I drink in the pub .....of course.

Am I gay? No.

No worries mate.

Ahhh, isn't life great!

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Posted by wthompson555 - 15 years ago

Yes aladdino, for sure you can do what ever you want, but if you would like to join, for the reason just the pick up someone for sex, then you knock on the wrong door.

There is plenty of cruising areas and sexclubs around.

I am sure there are decent guys around who would like to make friends. I am in a relationship, and we would like to meet friends, nothing more.

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Posted by wthompson555 - 15 years ago

I suggest, lets start a gay club. Not for clubbing, but to organize meetings ect.

The high season is almost over, the tourists goes home, therfore, let us who stay behind meet up for drinks, meals ect.

Mail me at gaymates@wanadoo.fr for any info or suggestions, and I will create a mailing list, to try and have it more organised. Please put "gaym8" in the subject box, so that I will know it is not junk-mail

This 'club' must not be used for picking up guys, just to make friends.



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Posted by Gerardo M - 15 years ago


I'm a gay mexican guy. I'll move to Juan Les Pins on the 8th of september and would love to meet interesting people there. e-mail me if you live close.


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Posted by voorrob - 16 years ago

Well, the turnout in June wasn't great, but the Pink Parade was fun and interesting and we had a lot of fun.  It was followed up with roller blading and the beach the following week.  Maybe we can get a better turnout in July.

I would like to propose Saturday the 24th in Nice.  Anyone that is interested, drop me a line or respond here at Anglo Info.  I look forward to meeting some more people and making more friends.



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Posted by Pofeze - 16 years ago

Hello everyone

I haven't looked at Angloinfo for sometime now.. always thought that it might be good to have a section where guys who like guys could communicate.. great to see that it is happening at last.. though you seem to be having difficulty meeting up.. I'm sure it will eventually come together with some perserverence..

If you are meeting in Nice in July.. count me in..

Paul (in Eze) 36yrs

PS.. Might be an idea to mail each other with a little personal description (profile).. age, stats etc.. and maybe a photo.. will help in identification for meet ups and hopefully in the motivation for turning up..lol ;-)


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Posted by voorrob - 16 years ago

We were at Cafe de Stars as planned.  Sorry we missed you.


Nice, France

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Posted by KAKE-193340 - 16 years ago

Where were you? In Cafe de Lyon or Cafe de Stars? Didn't get any answer from you last week so didn't know where to go....KAKE

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Posted by voorrob - 16 years ago

Well, Raoul and I were there.  We had a great time but were sorry that no one else sho said they would be there seemed to show up.  Where were you guys?  Did you at least join in the festivities?




Nice, France