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getting married on the French Riviera

Posted by Jeanne B-196092 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by micheller-201459 - 13 years ago

Hello, could you please let me know this lady's details about organisation of the wedding? I am now registered as micheller and not michelle76!


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Posted by zachary-194567 - 13 years ago

..and this lady can gently and superbly get the whole (yes, from translations to tuxes) thing organised for you too; total confidence in her..enjoy

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Posted by mike-179830 - 13 years ago

See, in AngloINFO's INFOrmation Pages:


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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 13 years ago

We got married in France and the paperwork is not too complicated. The Mairie were very helpful and we just had a simple civil ceremony in the Mairie.

I can recommend a very good photographer we used, Pat Denton, patdenton@wanadoo.fr who was very professional and took the photos we wanted....not the ones he wanted to take ( as per normal photographers).

If you need English speaking DJ etc for the evening drop me a mail and I will give you his details.

Good Luck

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Posted by Christine-180881 - 13 years ago

What kind of wedding do your friends want? Is it just a church wedding after a civil wedding in England, or an official wedding at the townhall here, or church and civil wedding here?My experience of a civil wedding here is a little bit different to Michael and Kate's as my husband had to have a bloodtest too. It's to make sure neither of you have any disease and that both your bloods are compatible. It doesn't have any influence on the marriage itself. Even if the test results are positive, it's considered just as a warning.As for the paperwork required if your friends want to have a civil wedding here, they should go to the mairie (town hall) of the place where they want to get married. The mairie should give them a detailed list of all the paperwork.RegardsChristine

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Posted by Michelle76 - 13 years ago


I have seen your information about getting married on the Riviera and my fiance and I are looking to get married here next summer. We have been living in France for 4 months now, so we shouldn't  have a problem in terms of the residency bit, but any info you have would be a great help to us, as it is so different to the UK! Also if you could let me have the details of your photographer that would be great. Michelle

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Posted by michaelandkate - 13 years ago

We got married here and the hotel de ville require you to have an address + an elec/phone bill. You dont have to be resident, you can be renting. Bear in mind the town hall need all your documents (incl. passport, if you can believe it!) translated by their official translator ($$$), the woman (only) needs blood tests and a medical to check for general health and child bearing ability and your friends for sure will end up visiting the hotel de ville at least 3 times to sort out all the paperwork. Also, remember that church weddings arent legal here, so you have to do the town hall service and then you may choose to do the church bit. At the end of all that, you get a French marriage certificate, which (you guessed it..) will need to be translated by a registed English translator!! Still, even if its more of a pain to sort out (which believe me, it is!) we found it certainly worth it! Good luck!PS - If they do decide to go ahead with it, we used a great photographer and I'd be happy to pass on his details.