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Giving Blood

Posted by Happy Days-188415 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi All,

Does any body know of a blood donation clinic on the CDA? And what is the routine for foreigners (E.U. citizen) donating? I have given regularly for years and would like to keep this up here!

Would be grateful for any advice :)

Happy Days

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Posted by Happy Days-188415 - 13 years ago

I think its the same scenario in most EU countries now due to the CJD virus. Being Irish, I think I can give blood in other countries but not sure. Thanks for the link, will go this week to one of the mobile clinics and find out if i can donate.

Happy Days

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Posted by gplux-198648 - 13 years ago

I had been donating Blood in Luxembourg for a number of years untill 3 years ago when they would no longer except my blood as I had lived in the UK for a period during the 1980sgplux

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Posted by dbwdbw - 13 years ago

Further to Chatterbox's reply, it was if you lived in UK any time during a specific 10 yr period.  As for the plasma, thanks for the info, I wasnt aware of that, nor did they suggest that when I was sent away with my tail between my legs.  Addresses of donation centres:


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Posted by Chatterbox-190278 - 13 years ago

I gave blood twice several years ago but was subsequently told that being British and with, therefore, the relatively high risk of CJD transmission that I couldn't give any more. Apparently we can go to the Hopital des Brousailles where they can filter out plasma only. Best option is probably to talk to someone at one of the mobile units and get a phone number from them. Sally