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Posted by amj-196349 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 15 years ago

If anyone has invitation going they dont want I would glad to take it off your hands



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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 15 years ago

I must be really lucky, I post to newsgroups a fair bit using my real email address (i.e. without obfuscating it), and I get 1 or 2 spam emails per day. Obviously they must know that I don't need any herbal viagra. ;-)

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Posted by murphyz - 15 years ago

I've been using gmail since the start of July and no longer use hotmail at all.

As mentioned previously, redirection and importing is good, along with the excellent 'coversation' type threads te emails are stored in.

The space allowed is marvellous, that goes without saying - and after 4 months I have used only 5% of my allowance.

I have never clicked on one advert that they have provided me with, and don't even notice they are there - so they are very unobtrusive.

The spam filter is very efficient, although I still get daily emails in my inbox asking if I want to improve my manhood. This has nothing to do with gmail, more with how active your email address is on spam lists. I have been using the same email for 4 years and am a heavy internet user so get 100+ spam emails a day 98% of which gmail filters out.

jamesh19 - yes, I have a spare email if you like. Send me an email and I'll send one in return.  First name, last name and email address needed.


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Posted by derekb-198689 - 15 years ago

I lurve gmail ....

out of interest how many search engines do we all use these days?

Hm, mainly google, is it? In five years everyone'll be using gmail- you read it here first!

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Posted by jamesh19 - 15 years ago

has anyone got any spare gmail invites for me ?


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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 15 years ago

People seem to forget that most email providers scan the contents of your emails anyway, for viruses and spam etc. I don't see Gmail's targeted advertising as being too different from that, but if you're really paranoid then you could just use PGP to encrypt your emails.Also, as Tallben said, Gmail has lots of great features, it's well worth giving it a try.

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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

A good article that debates the pros and cons of Gmail:



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Posted by Gill n George - 15 years ago

Gmail serves up 'sponsored links' (they used to be called adverts) and 'related links' in a sidebar alongside your mail. Currently it is using a mechanical method of checking the contents of your e-mails and throws content-related advertising at you. How that will change, bearing in mind that they have gone public and have shareholders to answer to, is anyone's guess.

As always you don't get something for nothing.

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Posted by Tallben-185282 - 15 years ago

been using Gmail for 2 months now, after an invitation from a kind friend. I have used Yahoo & Hotmail for years but was always disapointed by its lack of 'human' features, to much ads and way too much spam 'n' stuff!

Google so far have'nt let me down, its still in its test mode, hence the invitation only, but hope they will continue to be cool when they officially 'go-live' early next year (apparently)!

I now use gmail for all my personal email, and have started redirecting all my businness mail thru a seperate account - so far no problems with redirecting, importation of contacts etc...

The 'reading of your emails' are firstly to make google money by being able to link adverting to your needs, something that already exists with google searching (on the right-hand side of the screen when you've done your search, and by the way are very useful), and secondly so you can find your emails!

It works a bit like this, you receive an email from a mate. after you read the email you can archive it so your inbox remains as empty as you like. then if you want to read it again, or forward it or whatever, you have a search box (like in google). in this box just type a name or a word that apeared in the mail and it will find every email with from that person, or every mail that contains that word. the word doesn't have to be the subject. 

Emails from the same person are kept in 'conversations' ( a little like MSN messenger) this rules cause you have all the email from the same person on one page.

There are too many great fetures to ignor with gmail, i suggest that you give it a go, check it out and if you like it, invite some friends (you will be given 6 invitions after the first 4 days of activating your new account) kind of piramid selling, lol, anyway, too much rataling on, oh and an idea for angloinfo - give us a spell check!! lol, cheers

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

Oh and I forgot to say that the Toolbar is very sueful for webmasters, you can force a googlebot visit by looking through your own site before submitting the url to google. they also use your surfing to determine relevancy.

So be careful looking at your private picture archive that you think no-one knows is there, google's toolbar with advanced turned on will find it and index it.