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Good internet provider

Posted by jduncan - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by gunta-311402 - 5 years ago

I had a SFR box for one year but was not satisfied with the service - I live in Cannes and as it was described from OVH user - the speed is criminal - especially in evenings. It was impossible to use skype, watch videos on youtube or do anything more than simply checking email. So I switched to BBox sensetion and now I have better speed, generaly I'm satisfied with their service.

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Posted by jduncan - 5 years ago

Thanks, menthal.  I will look into OVH (and their "blistering rate" of streaming).  :-)  Thanks again.

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Posted by menthal - 5 years ago

oops I meant 50-120 Mbps ;)  see http://www.ovh.fr/vdsl  I'm 2km from the exchange so only get a lowly 10Mbps.

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Posted by menthal - 5 years ago


I had been with Free for ages, until yesterday when I switched to OVH.

I switched as Free have terrible internet infrastructure such that accessing anything outside of France is next to impossible during the evenings, see graph at end of http://www.01net.com/editorial/574753/comparatif-des-fai-sfr-bouygues-et-free-se-font-remarquer/ and also http://www.quechoisir.org/media/fichiers/etudes/121204_etude-qualite-internet

Apart from Internet access being rubbish with Free the rest of the package (telephone and TV) is pretty reasonable ... I still had the v4 modem/hd-box.

I would have gone with SFR had not a friend recommended OVH.  OVH do just internet and telephone which suits me as we weren't using the TV option much at all with Free.  And now we can stream from the UK at a blistering rate compared to before I'm extremely happy ... and it's cheaper than it was with Free (30E/month).  Plus if you're close to the exchange (<1km) you can get a VDSL connection giving you 50-120bps!!


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Posted by jduncan - 5 years ago

Thank you both very much for your advice.  It is much appreciated!

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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago

Hi jduncan

To my knowledge there is no pay pr. Month internet provider in France. I have been using FREE www.free.fr for 8 year now. They give you free calls to landline phones In 108 countries and free calls to mobile in France, U.S.A and Canada.  400 free TV canals  for 35.99 €.
And you can get a mobile contract with free calls to landline phones in EU and mobile in France for 15.99 €

The best offer in France right now



God luck


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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Hi, we have been with SFR box for several years now and very happy with them.  Mind you, I regularly check with them to obtain a better deal because my mobile phone is with them as well and it seems to work... With my mobile, land line, ADSL access and television, all calls to land lines unlimited I pay 40 euro per month!  But I don't know if you can have a contract which only covers the months you're around, better to ask them!