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Grasse & property

Posted by NadiaG-192314 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by NuttR - 15 years ago

There's a lot happening up there - there's going to be a train service to Cannes next year, and they are extending the RN85 around the west side.  Depending on where exactly you buy, you could either make a good deal or end up living with a motorway in your garden.  They're building a lot of houses at the moment in between St Jacques and St Antoine which may be a good buy as the road they are on will have less traffic once the RN is done (which might be next year, or it might be in 10 years) and it's only a couple of minutes away from being on the RN85, so you can get to the airport in around 30 minutes.  In any case, the prices are going up rapidly (except in the centre maybe) for detached properties.  I heard somewhere though that around 75% of the accomodation in the centre is empty right now...