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Posted by LauraDom-252996 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by MelaNice - 6 years ago

Ok so now I'm scared. I have ordered 4 things on groupon. The first thing arrived as promised, the second thing was promised for the 15th of March and then promised for the 15th of April fingers crossed that will arrive. The last 2 things are meals that I have bought for my trip to Paris this weekend. I hope those go OK. I will keep you posted.

Question has anyone ordered something and then received something of really poor quality?? Cause so far I have been happy and never thought that there were problems as I have many friends that use groupon and they have never complained.

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Posted by TomTom-248588 - 6 years ago

Groupon - you must check the offer you are getting is really better value.

I almost bought a 2 night stay at 4 star hotel in brussels, then checked tripadvisor. could not find the super hotel listed at all.

the offer was discounted from 200 euros per night to 115 euros. on the hotel website the same room was offered at 90 euros per night (i would have paid more via groupon).

I wrote to groupon saying this is strange and sent them screenshots from the hotel's website and they replied the hotel can make a better offer then groupon!

I never found out who was selling the room at 200 euros, the most the hotel wanted as 90 euros per night!

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Posted by cocobonnie - 6 years ago

I heard a Radio 4 programme on precisely this subject a few days ago. Apparently they have been ordered to change their ways by the authorities as they were offering stuff and the shop owners and hotels etc... weren't aware or weren't in agreement. So, apparently things are having to change.

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Posted by Oxbrow - 6 years ago

Just to inform people we are having problems with Groupon and one of their partners "Mobiwash", they wash the outside and dry clean the seats of your car," the special offer" seems increasingly like if will never be realized.This company has one mobile number for the whole of the South of France, and usually their message box is full; when it's not they don't return calls, same for emails.Groupon answered yesterday saying they cannot service clients before a date date in early March, but as we pointed out its rather late in the month now?.... no response from them.From the Groupon publicity to start with Mobiwash will come to you or you can go to them, try and find and address in Nice?

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Posted by Violetrose - 6 years ago

I don't really have bad feelings except that I should have read the "small print"! I ordered some running pants; paid online etc then waited to receive the confirmation and log on to the site where I could submit my subscription number etc. I then got bagged for Euro 16.50 postage for the parcel (Euro 9.50 if you live in France - I live in Monaco!) and it was announced that I would receive the running pants in 5 weeks!!!! They did keep their word and I eventually got the pants. Moral of the story as far as I can see it: you don't get owt for nowt.... so to be tempted by these wonderful sounding offers at "special" prices always have their drawbacks.... Good luck to all you guys waiting - I learnt my lesson and tried my first and last purchase....

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Posted by kiwitrace - 6 years ago

Thanks will look for the number.

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Posted by LauraDom-252996 - 6 years ago

There is a free phone number you can ring them on, it's written on the bottom of your coupon. If you need the number send us a email.

We have had numerous conversations with them. Just getting the run around.They say they will reimbourse us, even have a email stating this but no money yet.

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Posted by charlee948 - 6 years ago

If you have avery good look (not easy to find) there's a phone number to call them on.Each time I have called them, they have either reimbursed the item if it was within the time period specified, or reimbursed half of the item, if it was outside of the time period, in other words, expired.Emailing them is pretty useless, as they take too long to answer.

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Posted by Crossfamily-289915 - 6 years ago

Do a google search I am sure you will find loads of bad info, there has been some very bad press about them in many countries, not just France. Its probably a little too late to say stay clear, but for other readers think twice. All I can suggest is to threaten to contact media if you dont hear back.

Good Luck