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Hay Fever

Posted by wjp-191185 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by wjp-191185 - 16 years ago

Hi Paul,


I'm not saying it is hay fever yet, but I was wondering if anyone else was starting to get it.....

It sounds interesting about you saying that when you where a token vegan you didn't get it. I've found the longer I live down here the worst its getting. THis however could be due to my diet that is also ben changing since I've lifed here. For example I never really ate much meat or drank much coffee, but in the true french lifestyle I eat and drink much more than I used to........Mmmmm.


I notice that when I lived in the city years ago, it was much worst (in fact I didn't realise I suffered until then - always thought they where 'summer' colds!) - perhaps its living here in the summer as we all know (especially last summer) that the pollution gets very very bad here...



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Posted by Paul Carmel-190537 - 16 years ago

That's what it is!  I thought a  cold was on the way! As a kid I used to get it so bad right up until around 18, even after that it was not great, I have tried every remedy known to man and nothing stopped it! Until I lived with a bunch of hippies who were all strict vegans, so for one summer I was a token vegan and bingo not a sniffle or itchy eye to be had.



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Posted by linzi-mermaid - 16 years ago

Hey wjp

I am in the Uk So hay fever is yet to attack us here. Sorry to hear that you dont feel great. Well if it is hay fever the best thing to do is to eat the local honey my mum always does this and it really does work.

If it is not hay fever and it is a cold i have a recipe for that too!

Starch the chicken in boling water for two minutes in Pan 1

In pan 2 have boling water

Add to the water 1 chicken stock cube (fresh stock can also be used)

Fresh garlic cloves around 4 of them

about an inch long sprig of ginger (chop this into smaller pieces then add)

Boil this for 20 mins

then add spinach fresh or out tin your preference boil for 10 mins

finally add the chicken to Pan 2 boil for 15-20 mins

It is delicious chinese medicine :) and blows you cold away


Hope this helps

Liz & Steve

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