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Help Needed - Maritime Industry Question

Posted by Secpro - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Secpro - 7 years ago

Hi BC,


I am looking to work in the Maritime Security industry.

For most jobs advertised they ask for SSO - Ship Security Officer, STCW-95, VHF certified, powerboat level 2, ENG1,  and the SDB.

I have all except the SDB. I suppose if a company likes my CV they would help me get the SDB by writing a letter with a promise of employment, however I feel it is best if I have it before sending my Cv as it just makes it easier for everyone.

I suppose I could just get any Captain from a yacht to write a letter for me?



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Posted by bc1107 - 7 years ago

In order to apply for a Seaman's Discharge Book from any Administration state, you would need to be employed on a yacht registered with that state; for example if you want an Isle of Man SDB, then you must be working on a yacht registered there.

You may also apply before you are employed, but you'd need a letter of intent to employ and a copy of the yachts registration papers.

Im not sure why there is a requirement from the yacht for you to have a SDB?