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Help please - info on house buying!

Posted by magz-186910 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by me_2003 - 13 years ago

Hi, Make sure your friends get a copy of the acte de vente, two weeks before signing.  Also get someone french to read the acte and ensure all is correct.

Ensure that at the time of the signing your friends get a photocopy of the acte.  Normally you only get the final copy 6 months later.

I had a clause put in my acte that i did not see and face a law suit that the old owners are liable for.

A few extra minutes spent just now will save thousands of euros. 

I would NOT give 'Power of Attorney'

good luck,

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

The compromis de vente should state the date by when the Acte should be signed, ie the ultimate completion date.

Usually the two parties agree on this date before signing the compromis.


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Posted by Carolebay-180697 - 13 years ago

Notaire fees seem very high.....but they do include various legal charges for searches etc. etc. etc.

The notaire doesn't pocket the whole amount - only a small percentage.

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Posted by Shrek 2-196274 - 13 years ago

you do not have to have the same notaire, you can appoint your own notaire, and it does not cost any more as the notaires will share the fees.

If you want a good notiare who speaks english please email me.

When I have purchased and sold property in France I have always had my own notaire.....


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Posted by homehunts-194161 - 13 years ago

Hi Magz,

This is certainly not uncommon. Power of Attorney is often given to Notaires (or others) when the buyers (or vendors sometimes) live overseas.

Maybe the sellers have a deadline for the property that they are moving on to? Sometimes if there is a chain involved then there HAS to be deadlines for everything to run smoothly. I`m sure that the selling agent could explain why the deadline is necessary.

Your friends should try to push back the deadline if they do not feel comfortable but if it is impossible they could also sign power of attorney over to you or someone else they know in the area if that made them feel happier.


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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 13 years ago

The sellers are just in a hurry to get their money, it is understandable that they may have a deadline.

Generally, one tries to find a date that is suitable for everybody.

The notaire is chosen and paid by the buyer and s/he is there to ensure that everything is legal and correct (my opinion is that they're mainly there to pocket a fat cheque, but that's another thread...) and it is not uncommon to give power of attorney to the notaire if you cannot make it on the signature day. If however, you feel uncomfortable with it, just insist on a new date to be chosen.