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Help/router/ADSL/Tiscali/France Telecom connection

Posted by indofrenchguy - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by indofrenchguy - 13 years ago

Cher Legend....need u most on this "SPAGHETTIAN + FRICASSEE " SURGERY,Just checked the router its "NETGEAR ROUTEUR FIREWALL ADSL "avec commutateur 4 ports...10/100 Mbits DG 834..www.NETGEAR.com.MADE IN TAIWAN.The triway tiscali PACKET SAYS..."PACK ADSL" its on www.tiscali.frthen PACK ADSL+PHONE GRATUIT....AND ITS details are in it..Send reply directly and i will explain in more details...Dr P.K.Saint RaphaelEMAIL:drpk59@yahoo.com

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Hello P.K.

The key to all this from your long post is the following phrase

quote:...On this instead of the provided ADSL MODEM i used a Router...

What this tells me is that the so-called "router" was probably a combined ADSL modem/router - right?  If this is correct, then that is the source of your problems as it will not be able to be plugged on to the same phone line where the new Triway modem is connected.  They will compete for the frequencies used by the ADSL signals.

The way to connect all this spaghetti together is with a single ETHERNET ADSL modem, connected to an ETHERNET router (not a combined ADSL/router).  Your Tiscali phone box can plug and play in all this as well.

e-mail if you need direct help.