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Help! The house buying process....

Posted by Paul_A-184148 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Oh I see - the syndic sounds like a human minefield, I've heard so many horror stories about these people.  I'm buying a villa so won't have to deal with a syndic - I would have bought a flat but I did not for the sake of my potential future neighbours - my 2 sons make a lot of noise!  Good luck with your 700 euros...

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Posted by nice_and_sunny2 - 16 years ago

it is not so bad.

if you are buying a flat in the building, just be careful about all the things that are in progress with the syndic. go and talk to the bloke in charge of the syndic.

in my case there is a law suit in progress related to my flat.   nothing bad for me, but i only found out the day of the sell and did not get the acte d'vente modified according to the way i want to progress with the law suit.

the notaire and the syndic took the easiest options from themselves and which is not ideal for me.

if it all goes wrong i will loose about 700 euros...but it is an up hill struggle not that the acte has been signed


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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago


Thank you all for your advise!  I did contact mortgagerfance.com and they were excellent.  Now I understand why they wanted the money in the bank, it seems it is complicated here but you can get some excellent deals over here.  Nice and Sunny2 - I hope you get your legal mess sorted out without too much aggro.

Paul A

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Posted by kirstya - 16 years ago


We are just in the process of completing a sale of a house in central France and i can say mortgagefrance.com were so helpful, probably over and above the norm. I would recommend that you give them a try they deal with all sorts of enquiries on any issue to do with buying property in France.

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Posted by nice_and_sunny2 - 16 years ago


what deal did you get?

i got 3.8% over 10 years for an 85000 euro loan.  i have no IRA and my insurance is with april insurance at 0.15%. 

Also i do not have a mortgage, the deeds below to me for the first day and hence I do not have to pay the notarie again when i have paid off the home loan.

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Posted by nice_and_sunny2 - 16 years ago

hi paul_a, i had the same story...and also my bank are very good and gave me an amzing deal.

they just want to make you that you are not taking out two loans to pay for the flat. 

this is a bit stupid as you could get the second loan put into your old bank account and then have it transferred to the bank that you are getting the first loan from.

good luck.

make sure that two weeks before the signing of the acte d'vente, you get all the papers in advance from your notaire.

get someone french to go over all the papers, i did not and now i am in a small legal mess. 



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Posted by jeskiyeye - 16 years ago

Next time u want to buy a property in France.Use Rod Mitchell, www.mitchell-jonson.com.I just bought an Apartment in Nice of the 4th of August, 2003. He got me my mortgage with Abbey National and was my official translator.I can bet u, u wont get anyone better than him. All the best.CheersJeskiyeye

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Posted by Paul_A-184148 - 16 years ago

Thanks for the link, Mike, it came up trumps.  I should have avoided the bank I chose, I think, they seem to think they are still supported by French taxpayers, and probably are :-)

Thanks for the words of encouragement, Sue.  I guess I'll have to bury common sense for the duration of my carte de sejour :-)

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Posted by Sue-188228 - 16 years ago

Dear Paul,

This is France, it doesn't need to make sense and if you're going to live here, you may as well get used to it.  The whole country is full of archaic systems, none of which are aimed at making the consumers life easier.  Rules is rules!!  Just do it, don't question it otherwise you'll drive yourself mad!

Good luck,


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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

Talk to the good people at mortgagefrance.com. They're specialists in this area.