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Help unblocking a bank account

Posted by toria - Created: 13 years ago
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Can anybody give me some advice?

2 Months ago Credit agricole bounced a cheque of mine because of a technical error. I only found out about it when my card for my account with credit lyonnais was taken by an ATM and i went to Credit Lyonnais to ask why.

I spoke with Credit Agricole and they admitted the mistake and said the cheque was now paid and that the Banque de France would contact Credit Lyonnais to lift the block.

Well 2 months later the block is still on my account with credit lyonnais allthough my account with credit agricole is now fine. Credit Lyonnais say there is nothing they can do to help that i have to just wait (Allthough they admit it should have been sorted out after 2 to 3 weeks) Credit Agricole say they have done their bit, paid the cheque and they have informed the Banque de France that all is well with my account now.

Is there anyway i can contact the Banque de France to see what the hold up is or any way to speed this up. Credit Lyonnais will not give me a new card or let me write cheques until it is all sorted and as my salary goes in there it is causing me all sorts of problems.

has anybody gone through this before and can give me some advice?



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Posted by ivi - 13 years ago

I don't get this.  They blocked an account with MONEY in it?  Your money?  Didn't they notice that there was money in there BEFORE they bounced the cheque and blocked the account.  And it is still blocked?

Sounds a little crazy to me. 

Is there no redress in this country?

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Well if you truly are "Interdit Bancaire" (from CL's point of view) then you are likely to have all sorts of problems with other banks who don't yet know you because they will have the same BdF references.  CA are obviously being nicer than usual no doubt due to their sense of guilt.

Regardless of how you feel about using CA for your main account - I see that as your only workable solution pending the "levée" from the BdF - this can take many months.

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Posted by toria - 13 years ago

Thank you!

It was Credit agricole who originally bounced the cheque and told the BdF who then told Credit Lyonnais that i was Interdit Bancaire who then basically cut me off from my money.

Because CA had bounced the cheque by mistake they told BdF that they would now pay it and i wasn't to be Interdit Bancaire anymore. BdF apprently agreed but ahve failed to tell this CL.

I could use the CA account but the reason i have the CL account is because of incedents like this with CA. I do not want to use the CA account if possible because they are useless!

If i try to open an account at another bank will i have problems now?

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Yep - been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

Or I should say "got the scars"

My case too was due totally to an error committed by the bank and there was only one bank involved - but with two?- Ooooh la la! as we say in French.

You really need to know your exact status.  The normal procedure is that the refusing bank makes a "déclaration d'incident" to the BdF who in turn let loose the procedure of "interdiction bancaire".  Normally you are informed in writing if you are "interdit bancaire" and if that is your current case then we pray for you.

From what you say, it seems to me that you are probably not "interdit bancaire" but that CL are continuing to behave provisionally as if you are because they haven't had the all-clear from the BdF on the "incident".  It seems even less likely to me that you can be "interdit bancaire" because CA are now allowing you to operate an account seemingly normally.

Therefore the problem is most likely with CL who are just waiting on a communication from BdF that might not even come because I don't know how "incidents" are cleared without passing through the "interdiction bancaire" stage.  Another French administrative delight! 

I would advise you to find out for sure which was the refusing bamk.  Was it CL as a result of your account going overdrawn with card withdrawals (supposition on my part) or was it CA when they bounced the cheque at the root of the problem?  Knowing which bank declared the incident will help you to know if you have any leeway with CL, because if it was them, then it is at their discretion whether to offer you services (e.g. cheques, cards) beyond those of the basic bank account.  However, if it was CA who started the snowball rolling, then CL have only reacted as required by law to an instruction from BdF and they will probably sit tight on that position.

quote:Is there anyway i can contact the Banque de France to see what the hold up is or any way to speed this up

that's a joke - right?  Sorry - I should be more sympathetic as I suffered the same.  No - the BdF is to be regarded as out of reach by mere mortals.  Don't sweat it - really not worth the hassle and certainly not during the month of August - you will die from stress.  Look on the bright side - at least you have 1 account working.  If CL don't become more helpful, advise them that you are switching your salary credit to CA - then you'll see for sure if there is any room for negotiation.

Yours in credit,