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help, where can I get an Attestion d'accueil

Posted by gilsta - Created: 14 years ago
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Posted by cjan - 9 years ago

I went to the Mairie yesterday am and the woman producd the form to fill in. She needed:

a copy of my carte de séjour / passport

proof of address (less than 2 months old)

rental agreement/title deed

a 'timbre fiscal worth 45 euros

friends' name, address, passport number, exact visiting dates, proof of their travel insurance.

It will take 2 days to process the att. d'acc. So job accomplished with minimum fuss.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 9 years ago

I needed to do this for a visa for friends from SA. I went to the Mairie, the lady came back with a form whch she filled in for me, I signed it, and that was all there was to it. They didn't need my maternal grandmother's DNA, or even an EDF bill.

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Posted by cjan - 9 years ago

Right, thanks very much for that, Kit. I must start amassing documents...

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Posted by Kit-197515 - 9 years ago


If you are being told that you need an attestation d'accueil for a guest to apply for a visa, I'm pretty sure that the same rules apply no matter what nationality your guest(s) are.

I just went through this for a friend that will request a visa for 2 weeks in August...(Keep in mind that the "A. d'A." is the required necessary document that your guest(s) need in order to request the visa...and even after you go through the motions to get this doc, the visa could still be refused)...

You obtain one from your local Mairie...

You will need to furnish:

a copy of the guest's entire passport

a copy of some form of ID with your guest's current address

originals of your last EDF, France Telecom, and water bill

original deed to your house or rental contract

originals of your last 3 pay stubs (bulletin de paye)

original of your last tax declaration (Impots)

a letter that you write stating that you take complete responsibility for your guest(s) for the dates of stay that you are requesting...(even though our guest is only staying for 2 weeks, we requested the entire month of August just in case there would be a change in plans)

After you accumulate all of the above, you need to make an appointment with your Mairie and they will make copies of the 'originals' and create a dossier. Your Mayor will have to approve it and they will give you a date when you can pick it up (it took 2 working days)

Good Luck! Kit

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Posted by cjan - 9 years ago


As I'm replying to a post from 2004, could anyone advise me as to whether the documents required to obtain an 'attestation d'accueil' for an SA citizen are still the same as the above?

Thanks in advance

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Posted by wendy-179831 - 14 years ago

Hi Gilsta, I had to do the same when my brother visited from SA. It was actually quite simple. I got it from my local Mairie and I had to take:

proof of my address (an EDF bill); proof of my identity (carte de séjour or passport will do)a copy of my brother's passport a copy of their tickets (actually, I think all I needed was the dates of arrival and departure)

One thing though: this was at a small town, very easy going Mairie, maybe in Nice you'll need more...

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 14 years ago

Zeynep's link is nice and concise

Chapter and verse from the official sources is here

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 14 years ago

In Monaco, you get it from the police (i.e. "Surete Publique"). They give you a piece of paper that you fill out and have your "agence immobilier" approve - as in, "yes this person has a two-bedroom place which is enough to house four people", etc.

Here is some relevant info regarding France: