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Help with a bad local service experience

Posted by saok - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 13 years ago

It is a bind having an unreliable PC, but since the shop makes a reasonable attempt to repair it I dont think you have a case in law.

Try having a calm chat with the service people again.

In future, you might try Dell.  They have an optional service plan where they come to your place and fix it the next day.  If you have a dodgy machine, they are much more likely to just replace it.

The service is quite expensive and adds 200-300€ to the cost of the machine, but it is worth it if you rely on the machine and cant fix it yourself.


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Posted by saok - 13 years ago

Thank you, meagherp.

In fact, after they replaced the HD for the first time, it was a totally different one (250Gb instead of 200Gb). But it crashed as well, and so the third one.

Actually, what I am seeking is some legal advice. Or at least some explanation on how are consumers supposed to behave in such a case.

It sounds almost impossible that 3 HD will fail on the same PC in such a short term. This is why I suggested there is some problem with the PC itself (power supply, mother board, etc).

10x for the help...



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Posted by meagherp - 13 years ago

they probably have a bad batch. ask for a different make of replacement disk next time. Take the cover off and check the current make/model of disk first. 3-5% fail on disks  was usual in my day selling PC's and it is better now.Peter