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Help with a water supply problem

Posted by MikeP-180526 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

1.7 kPa is certainly low but perhaps you mean 170 kPa.  It would be nice to have more but 170 kPa doesnt seem to be unreasonable low if you live in a high area, and I dont think the water company is obliged to do anything about it.

I remember when I lived in London the mains pressure was less than that, so houses had to have a header tank installed in the loft.

Is the fire service happy with the water pressure at the hydrants?  I would guess they are.

Maybe install a power shower?


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Hi Jos

Thanks for the suggestions.

I've written at least four letters ..... as 'stinking' as I can be without actually being abusive.  I've told them they are liars, idiots, and incompetents. I've told them that I've lived in so-called 'third world' countries where public services function better than in this so called first world country.  My neighbours have threatened them with legal action ..... my landlady refused to leave the office until she'd seen the head honcho. THEY DON'T CARE!  I've also told them that I've recorded all my phone calls to them.

I've copied in our Mairie, who ironically are responsible for the water supply for some of the surrounding houses,  and their head office. The Mairie have been more than helpful,  and have even intervend on my behalf,  but can't do anything to improve the situation until they actually get control over that part of the network which serves our house and a few of the neighbours.

I have written in Franch - proper French written by one of my French colleagues.  I don't see the point in writing in any other than the offiical language of the country,  as they would have every right to ignore a letter in another language, regardless of whether they understood it or not.  I don't think they have any duty to respond to a letter in any other language than French.

I will add a few other addresses in my next letter.  I shall cc. the Prefeture of the Alpes Maritimes, Dept of Consumer affairs, etc.


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Posted by Josplas - 15 years ago

Hi Mike,

In situtaions like yours I found a way that usually works.

1. Write a stinking letter explaining where the company went wrong. Really a stinking letter.

2. Write even in English, they will have to make a great effot to decipher the letter, or admit they don't even understand basic English.

After you have signed the letter, at the bottom of the page put as many C.C.'s you can think of. Some suggestions are :

- Competitor water companies.

- Misnistriy of consumer affaairs

-Ministry of economic affairs, Min. of foreign affairs,

-British embasy

- Ministry of tourism,

TF1,TF2,TF3 etc.

- European Union Brussels.

- European court.

etc etc.

You may have to spend part of a day researching all the adresses, but Internet makes it real easy.

You do not actually have to send all these copies, but the reader usually gets scared stiff and will generally take immediate action.

It usually works.........................................



Ministry of water