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Help with computer problem - CD drive

Posted by MikeP-180526 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I have now tried ALL the suggestions here except changing the operating system, and with no luck.

I should probably have said that the CD sometimes spins, so I know that the unit is not broken, or at least the motor works,  and that the little orange light flashes.  Also the green disc/CD light comes on and stays on. 

Woud buying an external DVD-R/W unit solve the problem?  As I am very reluctant to take the machine to a repair shop here unless I can find an English one used to UK spec equipment, I'll probably end up taking to the UK, which is not really convenient.

Thank you all for your suggestions, once again!

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Posted by bobr - 16 years ago


Many small problems on my Compaq portable were resolved by upgrading to Windows XP, but I can't say if it will fix your problem. Several people who know far more than me, told me that Win Me was one of the biggest mistakes Microsoft have ever made.

If this doesn't interest you,  most authorised repair places will produce a quote to repair a given problem but check the cost of the quote first, as sometimes it will be billed to you unless you go ahead with the repair job.

Good Luck


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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 16 years ago

Mike,Try setting the colour depth to 16-bit (presuming it's currently on 24- or 32-bit). You can do this by right-clicking the desktop and choosing 'Properties', and this will open the display settings window. One of the tabs allows you to select the desktop colour depth (it's the Settings tab on Windows XP, probably the same on ME).

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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

OK first disable the CD "autorun" to see if the process of software loading from CD or simply reading the CD that causes the freeze.  Just search diasble autorun in help to see. 

Once disabled. Put CD in and try to use windows explorer to see contents on CD.

Are you having freezes or locks in any other software on machine besides when you use CD-Rom?




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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Well, no luck.  Same problem

I checked the DMA, it remained checked after two reboots.

Does any of this help.  The CD Rom is as TEAC DV-28E-A, firmware revision 7.0A. It also says Device Type CD Rom. "The Device is working properly" (we know it isn't!)

The options are :

Disconnect (ticked)

Sync Data transfer (not ticked)

Auto insert notification (ticked)

DMA (ticked)

I tried the Toshiba CD Rom disk to reload the drivers but that also freezes the machine.


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Danonimes :

The problem is that as soon as I insert the CD Rom it freezes, therefore I can't procede to the next step.

So,  I've done what doggystyle suggested,  enabled the DMA,  and am about to restart and see what happens.

Thanks guys!

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Posted by Doggystyle - 16 years ago

Try enabling your DMA http://www.activewin.com/tips/multimedia/multimedia_tips_1.shtml.


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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 16 years ago

not really, but at least it made me smile :)have you tried inserting a CD-ROM, then opening the Windows Explorer, locating your CD ROM drive (D:, E:, etc) and then running any program that looks like Autorun.exe, startup.exe or setup.exe ??

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

Hi Danonimes

Thanks for the help.  I was afraid someone would ask 'techie' stuff which I wouldn't be able to answer.

The software is whatever came with the machine as standard.  I am not trying to watch DVDs, but to use CD Roms with programmes on them (eg Encyclopaedia Britannica. 

I don't know about autoplay - no idea idea where to find these things.  And the freezing happens sometimes with all the CDs.

Don't suppose that helps much!

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Posted by danonimes-184717 - 16 years ago

it may depend on the software you are using to play your DVDs. Is your Tosh set up for autoplay, do you have more than one DVD player (application, eg PC-Friendly, Power DVD, etc) loaded? Is it the same DVD that freezes all the time or is it any DVD that freezes the machine some of the time? What sort of DVD drive have you got, have you tried reinstalling the drivers? it's good to have friends