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Help with Cypress or ...

Posted by vvlas - Created: 13 years ago
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... can someone recommend a good specialist. I installed a row of cypress in May and a number of them have died and others are dying.  It seems that are infected/diseased and I am getting conflicting info on how to treat them.  The branches starting at the bottom and along the trunk go brown and brittle until eventually the entire tree is dead and orange/brown. I have been told to treat with Alliete (sp) and then a week later apply ' maladies thuyas' and then a week later apply "insect choc" for a form of red spider.  I'm done this and they still seems to be going bad.  Any ideas and should I remove those that are dead and dying to avoid infection with the others ? I hate to see these die and would like to help asap.  ThanksVic
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