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Help with Hotmail

Posted by amj-196349 - Created: 13 years ago
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My hotmail account used to list my incoming mail in date order, most recent mail at the top. Last night I logged on and the older mails were all in random order.

Does anyone know why this happened? And can anyone tell me how to change it back, please?

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Posted by robbo-180169 - 13 years ago

Glad it worked...I find that I get a lot less spam on Yahoo, and it's a lot quicker. You also get 100Mb storage on it which is handy. I've got a gmail account which I use most of the time now, but still use the yahoo account daily...

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Posted by amj-196349 - 13 years ago

Thanks a lot, Haggis. Those were, of course, the only ones I didn't click on!

Will have a lok at Yahoo because I'm not too happy with Hotmail.

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Posted by haggis-180168 - 13 years ago

At the top of your inbox, you've got 4 columns above the mail as in...


If you click on any of those, it arranges it in either alphabetical, or numerical/chronoligical order. If you click the same link again, it does the reverse. i.e. click size, and the emails are arranged from smallest to largest, click 'size' again, and they're listed from largest first..


I preferred yahoo meself...:-))