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Hitting the road

Posted by Bluesky-189167 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

As was said, in France, you don't do anything different - the number you have programed into your dailer works all over the country. More on the previously mentioned nomad service - Outside the country, one solution is to challenge yourself or a French speaking friend, to sign up online, or on the telephone, with Wanadoo nomad. It is a service and associated (downloadable) software for connecting when outside of france. It is actually with a competitor of iPass named Gric. It costs extra, but it is by the hour, and not another subscription like iPass would be if you signed up with them...not that I am knocking iPass, but why pay extra for a service you don't need year round.NB-It seems that the nomad sign up is only good during the month that you sign up. In other words, I have signed, used it, then found that I needed to sign up then next time I went out of town. And it seems you have to sign up several days in advance. But it works...but don't forget that you are being charged by the minute...something like 6 euros an hour. Don't walk out of the hotel room without signing off.WiFi is possible and it looks like Wanadoo is pushing an association with Orange. If I could speak French (we probably don't go to the same school together), we could probably find a deal online that each company is pushing. Wanadoo and France Telecom and Orange have promised to WiFi several thousand hotels before the year ends. I have been in several Paris (Accor) hotels where they were testing this last month. The service was good and even better...free. But that will end and who knows what they will charge? I paid 25 euros for 24 hours last month in Amsterdam...I was desperate, and on the clients dime.But, wifi isn't ubiquitous. It usually is only in the lobby of major hotels and like I say, expensive. I have found that the hotel lobby will sell a card to get online that is more expensive than if you go online and sign-up with the hosting service site. For example, the 25 euro hotel was hosted by eurospot, a service of Swiss Telecom. If I had tried to go online with my browser in the lobby before I had bought the scratch card, I would have been auto-forwarded to the eurospot site and requested to give my credit card info in exchange for a range of services that cost less than the cards sold by the hotel. That is the way they are all supposed to work. You type www.mac.com and the vendor site comes up, be it; eurospot.com, orange.com or internetmarine.netYou can buy a WiFi card for your Viao in a number of places, but please get a 11g card, not 11b. The 'b' will be a little cheaper, but the 'g' standard is the future for a number of reasons; better reception, better security, better speed, etc. We like the Buffalo Technology card, not only because it easily takes an external antenna (hundreds of extra meters!), but it plugs into an OSX Macintosh and starts working without installing a driver. (You did know that you would be getting a Mac soon, didn't you?) The Linksys card did that also, but didn't have the antenna feature...maybe it does now. My ulterior motive for wanting everyone to get 'g' cards is that 'b' cards not only unduly slow down a b/g Access Point, but it is less likely that all 'b' cards will be updated to the latest security features, which makes the security job of the Access Point harder, if not impossible...holding back progress.Good luck to us all,CJ Flynn

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

It is really simple within France (if thatr is where you are skiing) ....

you can continue to use your Wanadoo username (identifiant de la connexion) and your password (mot de passe de connexion) by simply dialling the Wanadoo Acces Libre telephone number ;

Create a NEW dialup connection;

number to be dialed : 0 860 00 84 84

Username: = your existing Wanadoo "identifiant de la connexion"

Password: = your existing Wanadoo "mot de passe de la connexion"

I' ve never transferred my ADSL details to dialup outside of France but I would venture to suggest that it is not worth it - just use whatever local access deals (e.g. WiFi) that you can find, then you should have no problem accessing the TCP/IP services that you require (typically just e-mail and web browsing) - sould all work transparently.

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Posted by linzi-mermaid - 16 years ago

You can find answers on www.ipass.com world wide dialing access

Kind Regards

Linzi & Steve

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Posted by jjmiller - 16 years ago

I just talked to someone tonight about this same problem at a birthday party in Grimaud. That you?


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Posted by mick-190763 - 16 years ago

here is a site that may help you .www.wi-fizone.org/zonelocator.asp.



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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 16 years ago

I believe you can still use Wanadoo whilst on your travels.  Look at their website, click on assistance and then on Wanadoo Nomad - 80 countries (also inside France)