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Home computer caught fire!

Posted by stgeorge-182529 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Aroncb - 16 years ago

I`ll have to say that I replaced my power supply recently after the old one was on the flutter. 

The only thing you can do to keep your power supply safe is to clean it.  Or better have someone who knows what they are doing to show you how to clean it. 

The number 1 enemy of Power supplies is heat.  Unfortunately they make lots of heat.  This is fine if your fans are dust free, but after even a months hard labour a fan will be already quite dusty.

So unless you know what your doing, just blow the dust out and clean the fan.   


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Posted by le'Fox - 16 years ago

Data loss is a bad thing, even at only several days since last B/U. SHOCK is about the only enemy of data written to a hard drive. Shock as in dropped from an airplane onto concrete or equivelent. Hard drive medium is extremely stable where as, contrary to common belief, burns are not. Hard drives exist in a vacum. They can be submerged in water (very deep water), they can survive a fire, they can freeze, etc. and not loose the embedded data. SHOCK knocks the reader arm loose and it flies across the media causing damage similar to a needle crossing a record album. You led Zep record may only have a pop but your hard drive being literal (comuter) will not survive. Another HUGE enemy is large magnets. it would not be a good idea to set it on your big speakers at home. Drive/data recovery is common. if this service is not readily available, please let me know ASAP for I will move to the region right now and rule the game of data loss recovery.Good luck.Data loss recovery removes the disk inside for the housing and places it in a new one. Quite common worldwide.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

The power supply on my sons PC failed a year or two ago, and it also destroyed the motherboard and all the drives, hard disk, CD and a CD burner.  So if you have a second hard drive installed as a back-up that will probably get burned as well!

When that happens, only the electronics gets burned, so in theory it is still possible for a specialist to recover the data, but the price of 1500 seems reasonable for all the work needed.

Often the information you really dont want to lose will fit on one of those new USB dongles or a DVD burner will store 4.5Gb as well as back up those films you rent.

If not, it is best to back up to a hard disk on another PC, or get an external USB hard disk


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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago

St George,

Just the thought of losing everything on my Hard Drive makes me shudder but in my case it would need a major regional catastrophe for it to happen, as even if my place was burnt down (including the two HDDs) I have a couple of CDs hidden elsewhere! Putting myself in your position with everybody saying that it was a piece of cake to retrieve the data made me come up with maybe a slightly stong warning.  No harm meant.



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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Reinrev5 !! I can assure you that 5 years data loss may in fact be a bonus ! It'll certainly take more than this to kill me ! ( Miss Cook Islands 1996 is here in Nice at my gaff - turned up unexpectedly with news of the orange and lemon plantation in Raratonga !!)

However , I digress and the the update is as follows : I collected the tower from the computer shop - open today for pre-Xmas purchasing , and when I mentioned putting the HD in tandem to test for any info.that may be left , I got a load of flak from the salesman who said they'd already tried this - and I then discover that the quote they've put together to replace the essentials elements are complete rubbish based on Xmas promotions !! Fortunately I have my laptop hooked up to the ADSL , the printer , the scanner , the mouse and all the other trivia sculling around on my kitchen table - except , it's not the same as it was before !

So , I have employed my daughters boyfriend who was instrumental in the creation of the Cryo Networks Dune game to come and sort it all out with recommendations of correct hardware, software and possible recuperation of the old HD . If it can't be done then it really is too bad and I'll have to start from scratch , but I've rapidly discovered that one needs a professional to sort this sort of thing out properly . I'll get a decent price in exchange for some home comforts and some decent grub , and if it all works out I'll pass on the necessary info ., although I have no doubt that it'll be managed ' comme il faut ' !!

The computer shops are a disappointment and indicate just how far behind the French are in this domain - I'm prepared to pay good money , but they take me for a Nintendo player , or an American on holiday !!

Many thanks for the advice so far offered - I've taken note and may yet contact you !



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Posted by C J Flynn - 16 years ago

In going through the attempt of installing the old drive with new and downloading software...whatever you do, do not write to the old hard disk! Even if it seems that all is gone and you want to experiment, if you have the idea of going to a specialist, give them the drive that hasn't been further corrupted. Unless the bearing(s) is/are gone on the old drive, you should be able to get the data back. Never had a fire, but have had lots of scares. C J Flynn

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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago


Let us not get over enthusiastic here, in theory it should work but don't forget this has to do with computers......

Poor St George must already feel terrible so no point in promising all, if for some obscure reson it doesn't work, you'll wind up killing him.


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Too right! You can get all your old stuff off your old disc. It just needs to be plugged into a basic machine and booted up, apart from hardware differences the new machine will think it's your old machine (if you know what I mean)

Anyway if you want help with this drop me a line, I've got a carcass we can slot it into.



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Posted by reinrev5 - 16 years ago

St George,

Even if you can't see anything on your old disk in the new installation described by szozu there is still hope. Try downloading retieval programs off the Internet and using them but if your data is very important I would  shop around for a specialist to do it.

Whatever the results, have some sort of backup in your new installation. I use a second hard disk and once a week I just copy everything across ...AND ... depending on how much new stuff I have done / how important it is, burn a CD of my data every so often. Once a month or every few months.  You now realize how good it would feel to have a backup.




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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

When you get your new PC, install the old HD in the slot next to your new one. The new one should be set up as master and the old one as slave--a simple matter of setting the jumpers correctly. After booting up with your new drive you should be able to see whether there's anything on the old one that's retrievable.