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Hornets nest

Posted by Markdo-187997 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by Humptydingo-180377 - 13 years ago

Only just read your posting and in case you have not yet resolved your problem, here is my suggestion.

We had a hornet's nest in the truck of one of the old oak trees and they too came onto our terrace attracted by the light making it impossible to eat outside during the evening.

A neighbour suggested I go to the garden centre and get what they call a 'bomb' in France.  It is found in a large spray can with a large spray nozzle.  I can't tell you the name because I used it and threw it away.  You can use it from up to six metres away and apparently it paralizes (spelling's wrong I feel) instantly and then they die.  It must be used at dusk or later when they have all returned to the nest.

I used one (which costs 14 euros) by quickly shining a torch directly into the nest and spraying immediately from about five foot away.  I was ready to run off at top speed but it seemed to work instantly and none of them seemed able to fly out at me.  However when I looked in the morning there were still some coming out of the nest apparently quite healthy.  That evening there were no signs of the little blighters coming to the terrace and again I looked at the nest the following morning and there was no activity at all and a large quantity of dead hornets at the base of the tree.  NOT SEEN THEM SINCE.

Hope this helps

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Posted by JJ-183649 - 13 years ago

Us too, last week. We tried the pompiers but they no longer get involved for private properties (but it may vary from commune to commune, so try your local one). We're near Valbonne and contacted a private firm; they were efficient and the job seems to have been successful.

The company is called H4D (guess they're in yellow/white pages); their original estimate on the phone was €150, but since they had to have access which they consider 'exceptional', they charged €250.





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Posted by VictoriaL-191137 - 13 years ago

We had a hornet's nest in our garden recently and rang the pompiers. Apparently they only deal with them if the nest is on public property, but they gave us the number of a local private company who dealt with it. So I would call your local pompiers as they will be able to give you all the information you need.Vicky