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How do I set up an internet line????

Posted by Andrea71-197938 - Created: 13 years ago
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I own an apartment in Juan Les Pins, but only stay in it a few weeks of the year. The rest of the time it's rented. I am planning a visit soon and I need to have a line installed to be able to do my email and surf the net. What are my options?

Don't need to make phone calls, just data only. I would rather pay a set monthly fee that's fixed and don't mind contracts as long as you get what you pay for. I don't want to change my current email address. If you can help explain the basics in blonde language, I would be most grateful. I am new to the internet and find some of the language a bit confusing!!! 


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Posted by rosetta-185721 - 13 years ago

Interesting - I didn't know I could suspend my wanadoo connection when I'm not here. Has anyone tried this? Am wondering how easy it is to get it suspended and put back on.

I know it's not the same but when I moved house it took four weeks to get my internet connection moved and they wanted me to pay for the four weeks when I didn't have it - cheeky!


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

An observant AI reader e-mailed me to point out that ADSL does exist in the non-contract "pay as you go" formula.  Well spotted!  It was Telecom Italia who were the first to offer this deal in France under the "Alice" brandname.   At 2.5 cents/minute it might be of interest for the seasonal user like Andrea but I'd be more inclined to recommend a French operator who offers free of charge the suspension of their contract Internet service during periods of absence (e.g. Wanadoo). 

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 13 years ago

Hi Andrea - I've helped a goodly number of AI folks to set up their home Internet connections and your request is quite typical.

Your options for Internet are many but I would say that in practical terms you are looking at either occasional dial-up use (slow) or else the permanently connected ADSL (fast).  Both require a permanent fixed phone line. 

The phone line will cost you 113 Euros to install and 13Euros/month rental.  The Internet service will cost additional - budget on either a dialup pay-as-you-go or dial-up contract or an ADSL contract from anything between 10 to 40 Euros per month (depending on speed and contract conditions).  I noted that you are only here a short period of the year but I can't see an option for you to have Internet without a phone line that would be cheaper than paying for the line the whole year.  You CAN however suspend your Internet subscription during the period you are absent and save the 10-40 Euros per month for teh Internet charges and just pay the 13/month phone line rental.

There are many suppliers with very similar offers.  Some are simpler than others and some try to "capture" you with special "goodies".  On another posting in this forum, people are discussing the choice of Internet Service Providers.  Yes you can keep your current e-mail address - you just need a little help to set your PC up so it connects automatically to your existing mail service without all the "goodies" getting in your way.

As I say - I've set up a lot of home ADSL networks here - use the e-mail link on top left if you need direct help.