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How do I stop junk emails?

Posted by bjm - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

If anyone would like to have a free pop3 and WebMail email account (no strings) with superb spam filtering, just email me and I'll set one up for you.

If your wanadoo/Tiscali/Free/etc mail is forwarded to my servers it removes 99% of the offending material.


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Posted by bjm - 16 years ago

Thanks everyone.


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I used to use Mailwasher,  at www.firetrust.net 

Since my email account was upgraded by BT the volume of junkmail which gets through has been reduced by about 95%.  Changing your email address is the only workable solution,  however it may not be convenient for you.

Blocking senders won't work as each junkmail will come from a different one off address which they use for each bulk mailing, such as gjeue847ddj@bluesky.com and then do not re-use.


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Posted by Squeezy-189941 - 16 years ago

There is no easy way but I invested in Norton's Internet Security which comes with a spam filter.  It starts with well known spammers and you 'teach' it as time goes by.  Like what you are already doing it puts these in a Spam folder and you just delete the contents.  There is no easy way.Dave

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Posted by CaroW-190284 - 16 years ago

I changed my e-mail address to something unlike an ordinary name and put numbers in the middle.  Since then I have had peace.......!!!  The junk spam is computer generated and sent out to every spelling of every name at the service providers.  So a gobbledygook name will work for the ime being.....