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how do we get our telephone internet connected

Posted by Gus-191004 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago

An interesting reply from "poolman" which is, unfortunately, wrong/misleading in almost all essentials.

To get a telephone connected you do have to contact France Télécom for the line. You then have the choice as to whether you use FT for the calls (by far the easiest option) or a third party (cheaper - but probably something you'll choose to switch to, after a month or two, if at all).

Foreign telephones and answering machines, with the appropriate adaptors, almost always work in France, unless they're really ancient. To get Internet connectivity, you need a line, which must also be supplied by FT. This can be the same as your analogue telephone line (for dial-up connection), an additional analogue line (for dedicated dial-up connetion) or, where available, a combo voice/DSL connection. If you want something like high performance in an area where DSLis not available, you may want ISDN, which gives you two analogue numbers and one 64 Kbps connection. The French call this RNIS and the FT brand is Numéris.

Then you need an ISP. Wanadoo will be the advice of FT, which essentially owns it. There are other options, such as Tiscali. Pick the one that offers the time/speed/price you need. English (PAL) TVs will not accept French terrestrial signals natively, but will - generally - if you put a French (SECAM) VCR in the signal chain before them. They will work just fine with a French satellite system (which is PAL). Installing an English/Dutch satellite system is technically possible - assuming you have a dish/LNB powerful enough to pick up the signal this far south - but involves you in breaking your English/Dutch contract, so I'm sure as hell not going to tell you how to do it here, on a public forum. Or, indeed, anywhere - but I'm sure someone will be willing to advise you by e-mail.**************

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Posted by poolman-188953 - 16 years ago

Hi,  I suggest that you use France Telecom for your landline phone to start with and also connect to Wanadoo which is part of the same company.  If you are going to live near Draguignan then pop in to France Telecom there.  They were very good and if your french isn't very good then ask for Anee-Marie who speaks good english.  Your existing answerphones and landline phones are not transferable to France as the use a different micro voltage and will blow up if you try to use them.  Your english t/v will not work here unless if has facility for change between PAL and Secam(the french system).  Most english televisions do not have this facility but strangely enough most french ones will work on Secam and PAL (so your english video player will still play your english videos onto a french multi function T/v.  Best of luck.