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How long does it take??

Posted by eileen18 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

If there is a phone line already installed, it gets activated very quickly, within a day or two.

I got an ADSL account with Nerim and that was activated very quickly too, A couple of days I think.  I had already bought my own modem/router so I didnt need to wait for them to send me one.


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Posted by maxdido - 15 years ago

I had the same experience as Nicevictory, it took me a total of two months (July and August) I have bought a freebox (which is not France Telecom) probably that's why it took so long. very frustrating and lots of money and time with internet cafes........Good luck




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Posted by trajectory - 15 years ago

We had our phone line activated almost immediately.

Also had a second line installed which involved booking an engineer visit. This was scheduled for about a week later. The engineer arrived bang on time, was extremely polite and knowledgable, and did a very tidy job.

In all the dealings I've had with British Telecom and NTL in the UK over the years, nothing has compared to the above.

So there!

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Posted by nicevictory - 15 years ago

If you get lucky, you'll get it within two weeks, but don't count on it.  This is France and France Telecom rules the land.  It took France Telecom 2 months to get me a phone!  That's not to mention my DSL line working so that I could run my business.  Two months!  and we are in the 21st century.  But, I can't complain for my friend who has worked her for over thirty years, said that back in the day it took him two years to get his line installed (but that was many years ago).  Oh, another thing to know is that I live in the heart of Nice, the fifth largest city in France and it still took two months for a phone.  Since France Telecom doesn't have any competition when it comes to getting a phone line, they don't bend over backwards to serve any client.  Things just move slowly and how they want it.

Good luck.  Bring lots of money for internet cafes in the meantime.  :)

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

One should bear in mind that Wanadoo belongs to France Télécom, who is responsable for installing/initiating ADSL on your phone line. Might have been just a sad excuse of my ISP (Club Internet), but they said that FT is preferring new subscribers of Wanadoo over subscribers to other ISPs, thus if you subscribe to any other ISP than Wanadoo you are very likely to have a long delay.

Maybe someone else who is not signed up with Wanadoo can comment on this?

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Posted by pjd-185342 - 15 years ago

took us about a week - 10 days with wanadoo....... already had the phone line. they sent us the modem (couple of dyas waiting on the mail) then I think it was about a week to get it up and running. no complaints since!

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

As soon as you have the telephone line, you can sign up for ADSL. All ISPs I have contacted before choosing one said that it takes 15 working days to test the line and have ADSL installed. My ISP only sent me the modem AFTER ADSL was already running - thus I would count 1 month under normal circumstances. Under unnormal circumstances, like in my case, you can wait up to 11 weeks :-(


Good luck!