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How to change IP address

Posted by sunshine city - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by niddle - 5 years ago


thanks a million...for that..it was very useful..i have picked one from it and enjoying the right priveleges.i have confirmed the change in IP using Ip-details.com which another person had specified...Find this forum quite useful..:)

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Posted by StormPetrol - 5 years ago


thanks for starting this thread, very useful info. Can I ask those who already have a vpn account set up, specifically those using Private Internet Access and my-expat-network.com -are you experiencing any annoying advertising with these providers?


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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 5 years ago


You dont need to change your IP address, search for "filmon" on google and watch live tv from uk (BBC,ITV, CHANNEL 4 etc)

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Posted by sunnywithachance - 5 years ago

Indigomonaca gave the correct reply - you need to subscribe to a VPN with an exit point in the UK.  Lifehacker did an article on this a while back, I use Private Internet Access to watch US Netflix and am happy with them. 


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Posted by angel987 - 5 years ago

If it is a static Ip you have to request your ISP for the change.If it is a dynamic Ip you can change it yourself by resetting the internet connection.You can check in Ip-details.com and confirm the change in IP.

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Posted by indigomonaco - 7 years ago

I buy a VPN subscription through http://www.my-expat-network.com

5 GBP per month for UK programming

5 USD per month for US programming.

Works great!! I know a few people who use this service.

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Posted by monaconigel - 7 years ago

If you're using a PC, download a free program called Expat Shield. That routes you through a UK server and gives you a UK IP Adress and you can then watch iPlayer etc.

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 7 years ago

If you're in France you will have a French IP address, no way round that.