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How to phone cheaper ?

Posted by amboura - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 16 years ago

Referring again to telerabais.com, I can happily inform you MikeP that as soon as I started using them a couple of weeks ago I was checking my France Telecom bill on the web using their 'Espace Client' and it all checks out. It actually IS that cheap, and to mobiles too! (at least in Ireland).

BTW espace client from France Telecom is worth having as you can get at a .pdf of your bill at any time, and real time access to all records of calls made from your phone among other stuff.


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Posted by Rosie-182838 - 16 years ago


I have used Teleconnect for the last 4 years, very cheap, bill by the second, offer happy hour when you decide, and if you sponsor your friends you get 5€ and your friend too.  You dial direct, 0.29€ from the land line to french mobiles, 0.03€ national french calls 0.01€ french local calls.

Their Tel no. 0805 02 4000 free call

Regards Rosie

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Posted by amboura - 16 years ago

It is necessary to avoid the operators who make of the voice over IP who have poor quality and do not give an invoice detailed as telerabais and the others..

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Posted by shakesrear - 16 years ago

I'm quite happy with France Telecom. They just called me to offer me a reduced rate because I don't call within france very much (I use my cell phone for that), but I call the states a lot. When I talk to my frieds, the call can easily last 3 hours.The offer is 7cents/min charged on the second from the first second. The rate is the same 24/7.I used LesMinutes for a while, but I like having a bill with all of my calls listed and france telecom is just easier (the line quality is more predictable too).

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Posted by Retzel - 16 years ago

Kast telecom have very good rates and do not require any codes

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I got my France T/com bill this morning including a number of calls via Telerabais to South Africa and can confirm that they were all billed correctly at the promulgated rates of 1.8c or 3.1c depending on time of day.

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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

OK, so I clicked on the ST link above and quickly got on to the UK 'forfait'. 5 euros for one hour??? That's more than France Telecom.

I've been using Telerabais for a few weeks (since this was last discussed) and at 1.8/3.1 cents/minute (off peak/peak) - min charge of 9 cents, I think - it is cheaper by a long way.

I'm not singing their praises too loudly... not until I actually get the phone bill to ensure that their prices are correct but I'm sticking with them at least until then.

*all facts and figures quoted have not been checked as I'm far too lazy*

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Posted by Spidey-189686 - 16 years ago

Karin p and Amboura - Do you happen to work for ST Telecoms by any chance?

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Posted by karinp - 16 years ago

I was to see Telerabais, Lesminutes and ST Telecoms.

To use Telerabais, it is necessary to compose special numbers 08..
Ex: 0892 46 46 34 is one pay 0.34€ / min + the price for a phone call + 0.05€ of connection by call

For Lesminutes, the first minute is inseparable + 0.02€ of connection by call + 0.09€ of minimum of consumption by call.

For ST TELECOMS, the price of minute is without charge + the invoicing is made in the second from the first second.

Attention on the hidden costs.