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HP Laptop

Posted by Radilass - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago


Well you can on every Windows change the langue’s (I know not official) but no problem. So when I do an installation on an Indian computer I just switch it to English do my work and when finish switch back to india. You can do the same with French . So the langue is no problem at all.

Have a great weekend

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Posted by Radilass - 5 years ago

Problem solved - thanks :-)

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Posted by mlcomputers-638158 - 5 years ago


In response to Depanordique's response. I was only asking the keyboard / Language  question to try and establish if the computer was English or French langauge. As Radilass had not confirmed that. The vast majority of French installers that I have had dealing often struggle with English installations as they do not speak English so find navigation a problem when installing programmes etc.

Yes we know everthing is the same bar the language interface but you will be surprised how many struggle with it simply being in another language, especially one you may not speak!

I have had to rebuild many a computer for a customer that has had a very good repair done for them in a French store only to find that the computer is returned all in French and not in English as it went in!! (XP Pro no problem I just install and English MUI) and I very rarely see Windows 7 Ultimate where again changing the Language Interface can be done easily.

Fixing a computer that wont boot due to a corrupt Windows startup or  with disk repair tools if often not a problem.

And yes as long as the License sticker is intact and readable there is no need to purchase Windows again.

I hope this clears thing up



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Posted by Depanordique - 5 years ago

*Ding* You've got mail!


You'll be charged around 2 hours to reinstall Windows - with your data and the bare essentials put back in place - if there's nothing wrong with the hard drive. The fact that the boot manager is missing, however, suggest that it may be corrupt, dead or dying.

If it's "only" just dying, then there's still hope, and it doesn't have to cost you €400, but neither is it likely to cost you much less than 2 hours (for just the data recovery). Of course, it's quite likely that it may not be possible to recover everything without paying for a specialist service (which, as 785biot says, can easily be €1500+). It all depends on how far gone the drive is, and what exactly is wrong with it.

It may also be that it's "simply" corrupt, with no damage to the drive itself, in which case things become a lot simpler.

So, best case: 2 hours.
Dying HD: At least 4 hours + plus new HD. Perhaps also new licences for software where you have lost the key.
Dead HD: €1000+


What does the keyboard layout have to do with anything? Windows certainly doesn't care.

As for the French only having French software, that's usually true, but if they can't figure out how to use Google to get the ISOs from Digital River then, frankly, I would find someone else.

And as long as the sticker with the key is still readable, there's no reason to buy Windows again. Recovery media or not.

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Posted by mlcomputers-638158 - 5 years ago


You have not mentioned if your computer is English or French Windows / Azerty or Qwerty.

Most French IT shops will only have French software available so not much use if you are used to using an English computer!

If you have the original Windows disks or a recovery partition that is bootable the great otherwise you are looking at a new Windows 7 purchase.

I normally charge a fixed price of 200 Euros for a computer rebuild and customers from all over France post their computers to me to repair

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further advice



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Posted by 785biot@gmail.com - 5 years ago

What do you mean by a reasonable cost?
It will take about 2 to 2 1/2 hour to install windows 7 set it up and get it on the internet. If there are other programs it will take time too. Retrieved data is another matter there is professional companies that will be able to get the data but this is very expensive start at 1500 € then there is what I normally do use a quite expensive program to read the hard disk and retrieved the data after that you have to go through the data manually and recover the data this takes normally 16 to 24 hours depending on the size of the hard disk and how many data MB you have . So installation should be around 130-140 € + programs license if you don`t have them and around 400- 600 € to retrieved your data and make your computer work again. Off course you will be able to get a young computer gig to do it cheaper but be very careful if the person is not doing it right the first time you will lose your data forever.