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i am here!!!

Posted by xiol - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by tspoon1981 - 16 years ago

i think i have, and the sun maybe!! T Spooner

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 16 years ago

sounds like you have already been benefiting from quite a lot of self-administered tlc :-)

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Posted by tspoon1981 - 16 years ago

i am grateful too you all for your responses, but i feel a little better, not cured mind, but a LITTLE better. I think i will recover from both ailments in time, the sars and the ptsd. with a little tlc administered by myself. thankyou againT Spooner

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Posted by Badnews - 16 years ago

Hi Tspoon,

I wouldn't worry about the SARS if i were you, by the time you get on the roads here you'll be dead before the disease takes a grip of you :-)

By the way, there's lot of happy things to do here, my friend DoomMerchant and I like visiting graves. If you ever want to join us send me and e-mail.

Enjoy the SARS

Badnews (is only just round the corner)




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Posted by punc - 16 years ago

xiol tspoon - if you keep on whingeing like that you're going to fit right in

and I suppose you missed the guy from the Culture Ministry and his suitcase full of euros that they give everyone on arrival?

life's a beach and then you tie-dye


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Posted by tspoon1981 - 16 years ago

I appreciate all of this, but this has still done nothing to ease the pain of my unwelcomed arrival. I would so loved to have seen just the one banner. Or been given one flower. I am quite traumatised by the whole ordeal. I believe i may be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. And to top it all off i think i have contracted SARS. thankyou!!!!!T Spooner

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Posted by punc - 16 years ago

Customer Services Team
Meeters n Greeters, Inc

Dear xiol

It is with the greatest concern that I have read your recent posting. At Meeters n Greeters, we do our best to avoid dissatisfied customers. (Some say we do our best to avoid customers, but they are wrong.)

Since easyjet relocated to Terminal 2, we have had problems co-ordinating our Arrivals ceremonies. We tried splitting the team, but the resulting, watered-down versions just weren't matching our world-wide reputation, so we've since re-grouped and spend a lot more time bussing between the two terminals. Perhaps your arrival coincided with one of our transfers, or perhaps we were in the other terminal - you would have been welcome to have joined us of course.

There are normally signs in each Arrivals hall directing passengers to the current Arrivals ceremony but these signs had been vandalised and were away for repainting.(When do taggers tag?)

I hope that you will accept our sincerest, abject apologies for letting you down on this occasion and we reassure you that we will do all in our power to reduce the likelihood of further such occurences. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your time on the Cote d'Azur.

By the way, if you let us know the time of your departure, we will do our utmost to be there, waving the flags and shaking the banners; the band will play "When will I see you again?" and "I'm leaving on a jet plane" or any other requests you may have.

most sincerely