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I listen to riveria radio all day.....

Posted by apu - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Andy G-190935 - 13 years ago

I suspect it has less to do with the number if CD's and more to do with the PRS payments. Perhaps they pay for tunes in limted batches? It seems as though the tracks are pre-recorded as one of the many repeated tunes (can't remember which) actually jumps in the same part of the song each time. I get the feeling the whole lot are pre-complied on just a few mini-disks.

Also, has anyone noticed thay broadcast in MONO FM? 

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Posted by juxtapose-204032 - 13 years ago

If you see anyone on the ferry searching through the baskets of 'CD bargains' you should tap them on the shoulder, say 'I believe you are the RR mystery buyer', and claim your prize.juxtapose

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Posted by Mo_Nice - 13 years ago

Why would anyone listen to RR when there's TSF ?Actually, about three years ago, the music after about 10pm on RR was excellent, but it seems to have gone downhill since then. Does anyone know if digital radio is planned for the Cote ? I have a receiver but last time I tried, it didn't pick up any channels.

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Posted by Rouretan - 16 years ago

I stopped listening to RR a couple of years ago when it was taken over by an American and they started to give the temperatures in Fahrenheit! I complained at the time and the English presenter agreed that it was inappropriate, and he didn't like it, but he had his "orders".

Can't say that I miss it and Classique FM has great business news on between 07:00 and 09:00 hrs. (102.7FM)

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

On that basis,  I'd say some of them are paid what they're worth.

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Posted by Monaco Max-189694 - 16 years ago

Does anyone know what presenters on RR are paid, as someone just informed me that some are not paid atall- surely this isn't true?

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Posted by JohnD-185075 - 16 years ago

Carrington - to do “fancy quotes” on a standard PC keyboard, first make sure that Num Lock is switched on, and then hold down Alt and type one of the following codes on the numeric keypad:0145 (‘)0146 (’)0147 (“)0148 (”)

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Posted by carrington-181725 - 16 years ago

Apologies there Mike,you were right re not saying Riviera were losing money..But one other thing i do find perplexing is your claim that my prior posting dosen't make much sense?? If indeed this isn't a particularly wealthy market perhaps you could fill us all in as to what is and where we just might happen to stumble over one??? Preferably in France.One would surely of thought this is the wealthiest market in France outside of the Paris IDF region,no? If not,then where is? I mean lets face it,most of the anglo's here are pretty well sorted as far as ££$$€€,a generalisation i agree but not one thats too far off the mark.

I won't split hairs with you on the costs to run a station as an accountant i'm most certainly not,however given the serious lack of competition in that arena it certainly gives much food for thought as to why they can't perform better.Personally for what it's worth ,i think the only answer is competition as it's quite clear RR couldn't give a toss as otherwise they would of done something ages ago,quite simply they're resting on their laurels,and who would blame them? And given also the fact that french law dosen't allow for an english radio licence to be granted,and Monaco aren't prepared to issue another,the real losers are as always Joe and Jane Public..

Oh one other thing Mike,how do you do those fancy quote things? Please explain as i for one would be most interested to use it. I've Win XP system.

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

What's worse than Riviera Radio .......

At my office in Sophia,  the reception of RR is very bad and the adjacent station,  which plays non stop French 'rap' (oops,  missed off the C) spills over.  I'd rather listen to RR's endless repeats and their very worst presenters than French rap.

Does anyone else have the same problem in the area or is it my steam driven radio (still one of those ones with a tuning knob instead of electronic buttons)?


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Posted by Steve R-187639 - 16 years ago

Can't remember the name of the guy in the Var who was whingeing about RR Nights but there are people who do appreciate it. It doesn't happen often (which may mean that I am unaware of over repetition of certain songs) but on the odd occasion when I am in the car at that time, I find it to be the best possible choice on the radio.

But surely this just points to the fact that people simply have different tastes?

Long live Henk Potts.