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I want this derelect house - help please

Posted by Katherine-186137 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by me_2003 - 13 years ago

Hi, If the house is in a very good location and run down then it is likely that some complex problem awaits you.

The property boom has meant in a good location nothing goes to waste.

Research has shown that you might find the following:

1) Building has been donated to a church (in a worst case a part of the building has been)

2) Building has been inherited by many siblings (and they cannot agree what to do, one brother want to restore and some sister wants to sell, etc)

Good luck.  In the above reply you have been told how to find out the reality

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Posted by Montana99 - 13 years ago

If you have the address (house number and street name) usually the cadastre can also tell you for a small fee to whom it belongs, how much land there is and any information you'd need concerning the existing structures.  Good luck!

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Posted by Pumuckel - 13 years ago

Lana is right. Very often there's an inheritence problem that causes the owner(s) to abandon a property. The Mairie can help you. They should have documents as to who owns the property. The Mairie can give you print-outs relating to the property including layout, current building permissions/building regulations (if any), plus name and address of the current owner. Information about ongoing disputes are confidential though. If you get the name and address but don't receive a reply after contacting the owners, there could be reasons: 1) there's an inheritence issue or 2) you are not the first interested person who contacts them and they simply can't be bothered - so be prepared.



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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

Have you tried asking the neighbours? If it's other houses and not flats that surround the property the neighbours probably know the history of the property. I would start there and if that leads nowhere, I would try asking at the Mairie.

Sometimes houses are abandoned because the owner has become too old to live there. In some cases there is a tutelle with a relative having complete charge of the person's financial affairs, etc. or in case of death there could be problems with the inheritance which can take several years to solve. I think it's the Dept. de Urbanisme that would have information you seek.