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I want to be a Stewardess aboard a Private Yacht this spring/summer

Posted by lostwithfairies - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by lostwithfairies - 5 years ago

Thanks for all your advice.. I will be changing my email address pronto!!  :-)

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Posted by Miekie - 5 years ago

To be honest, I totally agree with Redbull, loose the lostwithfairies, especially if it is your email address as well. I worked in yachting many years and hired many stewardesses over that time and I would not have read further than that email address....

Dock walking is not for everyone but I do recommend it (if you have hair on your teeth, it can be very 'humbling' to say the least), especially this time of the year it is worth it as there is not that many crew around yet and some of the best permanent positions get filled like this..... Show up early in the morning at the boats. And do always dress professionally as well, for a good chief stew or captain first impressions do count. Make sure your CV is properly written, short with no spelling mistakes (some of the CV's I've seen are shocking!) and a proffesional photo (no beach or party picture!) Crew agencies are a good source but can sometimes be hard getting a job through them when you have no experience.

Friendly, hardworking attitude when walking the dock will go far as well!

Good luck!

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Posted by lostwithfairies - 5 years ago

Lol yeah I should probably ditch 'lostwithfairies' now that I'm 26!!  It's my email address since I was 14 so I often use it as usernames because its easy to remember.  I have my ENG1 and the sea survival part of the STCW, as well as a recent first aid certificate.. I am hoping this will be enough to get be aboard a yacht.  I have had some positive emails, so fingers crossed something concrete will happen soon.  Thanks for your message :-)

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Posted by Redbull-305003 - 5 years ago

If you have the correct qalifacations {stw 95} etc then in time you will get a job, yes going along the quays is a good way along with the agencies, maybe , just my opinion lose the" lostwithfairies" handle, just a thought  good luck , hard work but worth it!