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I want to move to Cote d'Azur from London - advise needed

Posted by steppegirl - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by ducos - 5 years ago

hello, you should give it a try first for a holiday. July, is a hard month for finding accomodation and very expensive. Russian is a BIG advantage here, as many Russians, and not everyone can speak their language. Good luck

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Posted by steppegirl - 5 years ago

Hello there!

Thanks for your posts and replies!..

I thought it over and i think i am NOT going to come to Cote d'Azur...it seems its going to be unwise as i spoken to few people who said there are no jobs there especially for non french speaker. And i am not sure if i have enough motivation work as a waitress or wash someone's house...

Probably will end up going for vacation but not ready to relocate myself there yet.;)  

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

I would suggest you start looking on here to get an idea of some of the places available for rent and for odd jobs too. As the previous post says, you're unlikely to get bored during the summer months, winter can be a bit dead. I would recommend Nice, definitely!

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 5 years ago

As a British citizen, you can just come here. Alot depends on whether you are here longterm (for say a year or more) as a proper resident or just going to be here for a few months over the summer and then returning back to London. You mention 6 months. That's quite borderline, as it probably takes close to 6 months to get yourself set up with all the administation as a proper resident.

You don't need papers but getting anything involves having a 'permanent' address (a place you rent formally in your name), bank account, electricity bill, social security etc. Getting all of this is not a formal requirement but it is a lot of effort to get in place and is needed if you are here as a long term resident and wish to start using the public services.

Housing cost is probably going to be somewhat similar to London to a first approximation. You may find cheaper but there's an awful lot of really old and run down things on the market. 

I imagine you'll be OK for the kind of jobs you are looking for. I can't offer any advise specifically but I observe plenty of people doing those kind of jobs, so it should be possible. 

Regarding being bored, I think you'll be OK over the summer time. Everything will be new and the Cote d'Azur is really busy at that time of year. But things will quieten down after the summer, if you need things on 'full volume' all the time I suspect the winter time probably won't be loud enough for you.