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income tax in france

Posted by jiver-187595 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by bethan-188254 - 17 years ago

Do you have any idea what tax position my husband and I would be in , if we moved to France. I have been offered a self employed nurse post at a rate of approx 50 % tax and my husband is employed in the UK earning £25,000 pa.We assume that he would be eligible for french tax even though he will be returning to the UK weekly. Any advice welcome. we have no children.

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Posted by David_F-180946 - 17 years ago

Drop me an e-mail if you need further help/info.


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Posted by David_F-180946 - 17 years ago

This one is still working:- http://www.finances.gouv.fr/minefi/services/calculs/index.htm

You need to split the earnings into the appropriate years. I think you should be looking at well under 10%.


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Posted by JJ-183649 - 17 years ago

Rule of thumb: one month's gross salary to tax (but signifcantly less if over 2 years as mentioned). Obviously exact amount depends on personal situation.

Social security deductions on top of around 20% of gross salary; again, exact amount depends......


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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

Just 1 year working?  Split acroos years 2003 and 2004 - is that what you are saying?

In which case you will benefit from 2 years worth of allowances prior to tax which will greatly reduce your overall rate of tax on the 12 months worth of income.

I don't know about the percentages - would need some personal info on you like marital status, dependents, deductible charges etc.  But I'd be very surprised if even in the worst case you would get up to as much as 40% given that you have 2 years worth of allowances.

Unfortunately the excellent tax calculator at the Tax Office http://www.impots.gouv.fr is now closed for 2003 calculations but you might find another still working at a French bank - for example try http://www10.filbanque.com/bfi_internet/Frameset.asp?AUTH=NON&CHARTE=FIL