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Ink Cartridge Refill Kits?

Posted by TerryT-188383 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by TerryT-188383 - 16 years ago

Thanks for everyone's advice, it's been very useful. I've gone with Jupiter's recommendation and ordered a refill kit however may get down to Antibes and check out the place mentioned by Josplas in the meantime.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

tinko.com has refill kits for the Lexmark X75 if you dont mind ordering from a French site.Tony

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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 16 years ago


they supply medea inks branded as inkxl, cheap and fantastic quality. suggest you dump the Lexmark and upgrade to an Epson, better quality and just so much cheaper to run. Try something like an Epson CX5200 which you shoulb be able to get for around €175-€190 which includes your first set of cartridges. Refill sets (4 cartridges) are then around €22.

Scans copies prints etc.

Kind regards....JiveBaby

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Posted by Jupiter-196034 - 16 years ago


If you want to buy on-line, try the above. They are in the UK. We use them and find them very reliable and of good quality/price. They delivered to us, in France within 8 days last time (10 before). The postage was under £3. Freepost envelopes provided if in the UK.


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Posted by Josplas - 16 years ago

Hi Terry,


There is a place in Antibes on the boulevard Wilson, opposite the college.

They take back your old cartridges and fill them.


Good luck


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Posted by GordonLeGopher - 16 years ago

Try www.prink.co.uk. The site doesn't list France as a country they deliver to but if you fill in your full address (including France) then they will deliver. I checked this with them before ordering (via their online customer service) and the cartridges arrived within a week.

They're hybrid cartridges but are working fine on my Epson printer. About a quarter of the price of the manufacturer's ones too.

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Posted by The Pigtails-195986 - 16 years ago

do u not know anyone in england that can go to costco for u? right cheap!!!The one & only original Pigtails