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Installing a satellite dish...

Posted by Jo-AnnGreen - Created: 13 years ago
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I have just bought a ground floor flat in a co-propriete and want to install a satellite dish on the roof.

Does anyone know if there are set rules for this? I would rather put it up in a stealth mission and wait til someone notices than ask the management company and be told no...

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Posted by sledger-197331 - 13 years ago

i did mine myself two years ago they have said nothing go fo it

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 13 years ago

I'm told there is a European law which theoretically overrides any local rules set by a syndicate, which says that they are not allowed to prevent you from seeing TV from your home country.  If this means installing a dish on the roof, they cannot prevent you.  Whether or not there have been any test cases of this is France I don't know,  but I do know someone in Germany who fought and won.  But then, in Germany,  rules are rules, and they play fair!

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Posted by davidl-181802 - 13 years ago

If you have a south facing view you can always have the dish on the balcony/ in the garden. As long as it has a clear line of sight to the sat. it doesn't need to be on the roof. I have seen interesting dish supports made out of large pots, a pipe for the dish, and concrete :) You can get proper ground supports as well.

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Posted by Jo-AnnGreen - 13 years ago

Ummm... actually I was going to climb up there myself!

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Posted by Miss Varna - 13 years ago

There will be rules for this set by the syndic.

But I really do not understand your logic - you prefer not asking but having a sat dish installed and risking to have to remove it? All that money for nothing?