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Posted by Kelly dawett-319918 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Depanordique - 5 years ago

When you say that you can only use one computer at a time, does that mean the others don't work at all or just very slowly? Also, is it only if you connect them over WiFi or also if you use a cable? What about when you turn on the TV box?

The dropped connection, is it the WiFi or the ADSL connection that is flaky? The Freebox shows the clock when the ADSL connection is working, so if it always shows that, then it's likely the WiFi.
If it's the WiFi, then there can be a number of reasons: Congestion from there being too many WiFi networks nearby, with many connected computers, and wireless "pollution" from various devices such as baby alarms (and not necessarily your own) being the most common. Seeing as it's worst during the weekend, it's most likely congestion. You can try changing the WiFi channel the Freebox uses to see if that helps. Set it to 1, 6 or 11 (don't use any of the others, unless you know what you're doing).

As for the BT VoIP phone, it could well be that the Freebox needs to be configured to let incoming calls through. This, however, depends on the configuration of the VoIP phone itself, and I would have to have a look at it myself to say what needs changing where.