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Internet access

Posted by Jelly-193845 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

I have found the dial-up services to be pretty hopeless. Very slow and unreliable.  It used to be good in the old days for downloading email, but now its all spam its not even good for that.

Have a look at the ADSL offer from www.free.fr. (or others) Its not much more expensive, and is the only real solution for internet access.

I find most of my contacts use Instant Messaging rather than email these days, but for that you need a permanentt ADSL connection


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Posted by paulbag79 - 16 years ago


Thks a million, u r a star!! Do you know how I get this UK AOL disk? I don't have to connect to Wanadoo or FT Internet to use this number here do I? I know I sound daft, but I just don't have a clue!!



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Posted by Moonraker-192385 - 16 years ago

Hi JellyI think you already looked in the other thread regarding internet and AOL as an option. In answer to your query there AOL would provide an access number for France. You would not pay additional per minute etc for using that number. There are several options for off peak access. Main ones being# FT/Forfaits Wanadoo Intégraleshttp://www.agence.francetelecom.com/racine_boutique/residentiel/fp/1032/fiche_produit.htmlFixed cost/hours. Cheaper than per minute for more than a few hours a week but I believe you have to use all hours within the month and no 'rollover' of unused hours.# Free Forfait 50 heures http://www.freetelecom.com/Similar deal but only 50 hour option. 50 hours is currently €14.94/month. Wanadoo is €15/month for the same time.There isa French site which has a comparison of available packages.www.lesproviders.comThe direct link is:http://www.lesproviders.com/modules/insertpage/index.php?op=lecture&page=rtc.htm&idpg=33&rubric=Les%20offres%20internet%20bas%20d%e9bitI think the info is a bit dated but there are links to providers to check.# Cheap Calls to UKI use Onetel which has much cheaper rates. It is pretty straight forward as all calls are routed via Onetel. You don't need a separate box etc fitted to your telephone. Details here:http://www.onetel.frcurrent rates are:http://www.onetel.fr/tarifs/For example current rate to UK is € 0.059/ minute or 4p/minute. National calls are all 1 centime/ minute. These rates are 24/7. I pay DD and get itemised bills monthly posted. It does not include premium rate calls etc. That also excludes connecting to internet providers ( or else you could pay 1 centime/ minute rather than 2 :) Then all I am paying is FT monthly line rental.Been using it for 9 months and it works fine so far.There are other services available.Just a word of warning. DO read the terms and conditions of ALL services carefully. I have found that contractural terms are a lot more rigid than in the UK and it is easy to end up with rolling 12 month contracts and restrictions on when exactly you can cancel etc. Obviously it is doubly difficult if you are not fluent in French!