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Internet Access via Laptop

Posted by angelak-189865 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Old Brit - 15 years ago

Just to reiterate what others have already said;At home I have ADSL so I plug in an ADSL wireless router which allows me to wander 60 feet down the garden with my laptop and stay connected. I suspect these things have a range of up to 50 metres, dependent on terrain and on the wireless card in the laptop (mine's an Apple iBook with "Airport" card).My iBook doesn't have infra-red so, when I'm away from home, I connect it via a "high speed serial USB adapter by KeySpan" to my Nokia mobile phone. The speed is limited to just 9600 bps, which is just enough to manage email as the previous poster suggested. I *can* use a web browser as well but it's like watching paint dry! As I use the slow analogue system, the phone charges are simply what I pay for a normal voice call. I buy a SIM card in the country where I'm staying since local PAYG rates are cheaper.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

You have probably heard how wonderful it is that the laptop users can hop onto the Internet with a wireless connection and you are wondering how easy/costly it is.

"Wireless" is a term that needs a little understanding.  There are many ways to do wireless but the most common are;

Through a fairly high-speed publicly accessible WiFi network (similar to an office network with many attached computers)Through a private WiFi network (similar to above but managed by yourself or by a hotel or a conference centre, etc.)Through a medium/low speed GSM mobile phone network (similar to a dialup modem connection)

The first category is remarkably easy to use.  Modern laptops come already built to get onto WiFi networks almost automatically.  BUT public WiFi it is not reachable in France outside of main city areas of pedestrian traffic/hotels etc.

The second category is out of the question for you in a mobile home with no fixed phone line. (Unless you have a huge Mercure hotel or something like that really close by).

The third category (data over GSM or GPRS) is available almost everywhere in France.  It is however pretty pricey and furthermore, it is not so simple to use as the first category. It's pretty good for programs like e-mail where you can work largely offline and then come on the net for a "quick fix".  You have to learn a whole lot of tricks to dial your connection. download, synchronize, upload, etc. in order to work in an efficient and economical manner.

If you cannot get a fixed phone line installed to the mobile home, would the campsite/park management be interested in having a semi-private WiFi installed so that other caravaners could tap into it?  That is all the rage now in the port areas down here and it is pretty easy to set up and could generate nice additional income for them.

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Posted by sandra buckley-196929 - 15 years ago

sorry think  i got the wrong end of the stick you were not asking about the lap top were you, but i do know that you can buy wireless internet connection but i think they are quite expensive, most mobile phone companies deal in the internet now you may want to ask there and they will advise you what to do.sandra

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Posted by sandra buckley-196929 - 15 years ago

we bought a lap top specifically for coming to france and it is really simple to set up, there will be a simple set of instructions with it as long as you follow them in the correct order it practically sets itself up.

sorry cant help with internet conection ours is through the phone line