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Internet connection

Posted by Geni-193755 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Moonraker-192385 - 16 years ago

Geni the answer I think you are looking for is that a basic telephone line installation by France telecom costs €46.12 TTC installation cost and a monthly standing charge €13/ month.There are details for this and other options including ADSL and ISDN at FT here:http://www.agence.francetelecom.com/vf/tel_maison/index.htmDepending on useage there are several options open to you. For casual useage ( checking emails daily browsing web sites) the following may be a useful guide:The cheapest option for occasional vists is probably a PAYG form of service ( pay as you go. i.e. you pay per minute at a fixed rate). TonyP notes the main ones above. Currently the per minute charge with FT is 0,020 EUR TTC/min( 1.3p/minute) any time of day 7/7. The FT Wanadoo service is called 'Wanadoo Accès libre'. Look for 'Accès Gratuit' which does not actually mean 'Free Access :) but rather there is no monthly payment/ contract ( although some DO charge, for example Easynet.fr, which makes no sense when there are many others who do not including FT.Monthly '24/7' type services ( i.e. you pay a fixed monthly amount for 'unlimited' access with no per minute cost) would not be suitable as they would go unused for most of the year. It may be possible to get a service without a 12 month contract period and then open it when you come and close it when you leave. But opening and closing accounts is not always straight forward.Wanadoo offer blocks of hours at a fixed price but you have to use all the hours within that month and you can not 'rollover' the unused time which again makes then less flexible.If you aim to use it a lot then perhaps the second two make more sense ( do the maths).BUT Be VERY careful and read the terms and conditions carefully if you go for one of these as you often get tied into automatically renewing 12 month contracts and often the only form of notification is via there own email service, which if you don't check reguarly can lead to problems.Generally the market is a lot more limited than in the UK (a consequence of a near monopoly by FT).

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Posted by Jelly-193845 - 16 years ago

Hi Benj

You have AOL access for 14.99 per month. Do you have a France Telecom line and do you charge you to use AOL?

Where do you get disk and will it work in any lap top/conection?




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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

If you can prove that it's a secondary residence (i.e. insurance papers), France Telecom will allow you to deactivate service for part of the year while still retaining your number for a low monthly fee.



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Posted by Geni-193755 - 16 years ago

I understand what you mean TonyP but if I wanted a phone line in France roughly how much would it cost and is there a monthly standing charge for the line rental.Thanks all for the info. so far.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

Last year when I wasnt down here much I had a Wanadoo and a Freesurf dial up connection.  They are free, but you pay a standard rate telephone call.

They were both awfully slow and were only good for checking email.  Often one or other wouldnt work properly, that's why I had two.

If I were doing it now, I might try www.free.fr.

If your neighbor has ADSL, you might buy them a WiFi router so you can share it when you are in France.  ADSL companies generally allow sharing, but some of them restrict the sharing to a household.


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Posted by Benj-184489 - 16 years ago

No need to bother with the French options if you don't want to. I am connected by AOL and pay £14.99 per month unlimited access, using an AOL 7.0 disc that was sent to me from UK.