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Internet connexion

Posted by sandrine.g-185544 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

The odds are that your laptop does NOT have a French plug on it, but rather an adapter that converts the US-style RJ-11 plug to the French standard. I'd guess that you can unclip the cable from the bottom of the French "plug", revealing this much smaller one (similar to a BT plug but even smaller, if you're more comfortable with UK imagery).

You now need an RJ-11 to Greek adapter - and that will be a helluval lot easier to find than a French-to-Greek one, for example at http://traveloasis.com/na8rj11.html or when you're in Greece (experience has taught me that you can get RJ-11 to local adapters everywhere on earth...).


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Posted by Breeze-188056 - 17 years ago

You only need a plug that goes from a French one into a Greek one. No adaptor.

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Posted by charles-188323 - 17 years ago

French plugs are only used in France.