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Internet via satellite

Posted by Pumuckel - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by cedricN - 15 years ago

I am working as communication director in a company named Sat2way. As some of you have already checked our website www.sat2way.com (only available in french at the moment, the english version is automatically generated which is not perfect) i think you already know we are the cheapest to provide bidirectionnal solutions for internet by satellite. Even the installation fee is the cheapest as we offer a package with everything included (delivery, setting, insurance, material, activation). We have a lot of english customers by now because we can provide total english assistance and information. For january 2005, the DVB-RCS arrives trough our services, check it out on our website for more informations.

You can join me anytime for further explanations on our solutions (individual or companies). Our offer goes from 512/128 to 1024/256 with real speed guarantees.

Communication director of the 1st french provider of internet by satellite

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Posted by Alex_M - 15 years ago

Also, it may be worth checking the France Telecom website to see if ADSL is planned for your area.

We live up in Valdeblore, and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine we'd get broadband up here, so it was a nice surprise to get a letter from FT telling me it was now available. Fortunately, I'd never got around to ordering an IvS system. (laziness can be a good thing!)


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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

For anyone who is interested I am working with a company who are beginning the roll out of WiMax wireless Internet on the Riviera starting October.If you think it's for you and you don't mind a wait till Xmas, drop me a mail with your location.Prices will be approx €40 pm for 128/1024Regards,Mike

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Posted by Jacob - 15 years ago

For those who are interested, I installed my D-Star based system back in June, and posted an account [url="http://verseguru.com/weblog/entry/?1087493940"]on my weblog[/url].-- VerseGuru

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Posted by Jacob - 16 years ago

I'm planning on installing bi-directional satellite internet myself shortly and have found that you can subscribe and buy the equipment in the UK and then bring it down here. I've opted for the Eutelsat Linkstar service which uses DVR-RCS technology rather than the Hughes DirecWay service which is however slightly cheaper. It is expensive though, the kit (dish, LNB, block and terminal) costs £1200+ and the lowest cost subscription is £75/month. The killer is the installation for which resellers charge 800€ for. Luckily I can sort out the device configuration myself, and anyone else with good computer/network competence (e.g. using a command line shell) could also, then you only have to install the dish which any satellite installer can do, or if you think you have the knack you can do that yourself too...-- [url="http://verseguru.com/"]VerseGuru[/url]

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

My collegues in Scandinavia all have 3Mb down 768 up so I look really stupid on the video conferences with my French 512/128 ADSL linkTony

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Posted by Pumuckel - 16 years ago

Thanks to all of you who have responded. It looks like IvS is still too expensive in France, and it seems France is way behind other countries like Scandinavia and Southern Europe for example, where a lot of people live in remote areas. Still, this could be a good technology to look out for in the future...

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Posted by ian81-188951 - 16 years ago

See http://www.sat2way.com/ for a monthly service for about €100  plus installation cost -which is expensive. This gives a 512 /128 connection. In my experience response times are not too much of an issue unless you are trying to use VoIP of set a VPN tunnel.

See also http://www.telesatellite.com/InternetParSatellite/ for a list of other providers.

There is much happening in the 'WiFi" arena but it is evolving rapidly but some key standards are still to be completed / ratified. Particularly in the area of broadband wireless which will have a range of 50km

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

If you already have high speed access it is not worth going for a satellite link.  As well as being a bit expensive they have a slow response time compared to an ADSL link.Tony

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Posted by simonwynne - 16 years ago

The technology for using internet via satellite is very expensive if one is just using satellite uplink downlink..., one can use facilaties as TPS of Canal satellite to receive interent but to send is only by phone link to those providers. however, if your in MC there is one company there, that only provides internet via satellite mainly for business

There is also now a new way to connect to the internet using the latest [Wifi]wireless internet that is around, those isolated places around the coast should get this soon, there are distance trials in west london taking place as we speak and it is not just for household but for large areas.. ....up to 25 sq k....and testing new technology from Avarion a french company that has designed a out box ISP for £20k 32kuros... ...however when used in commercial terms works out to about 30 e for 512 receive and 128 to send, this is just an average qoute...

But we will wait and see if a certian french phone company pics up on another way to make more profit....the ideas and technology, licences, allocations of frequencies,  are all ready, its just the logic of costing for the upstart....

Could see another company startup here using such technology in competition with both FT and NCable....then one would only have to purchase a wifi modem for rural local use and the possible connexion fee's, the monthly fee depending on speed connexion, and no cables to fiddle with....wonderful....