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Irish speakers

Posted by MrsTheMax - Created: 14 years ago
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Any one out there an Irish speaker by any chance?

Just curious


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Posted by angeldude-190234 - 14 years ago

I have to agree with Dublin Mike. I am afraid alot of my Gaeilge was substituted for French words. When I try to think of cuplá focail, je pense seulement Francais.

However I am the proud older sister of an excellent Irish speaker. She's a year out of secondary school (Honours A student) & once you get her started she doesn't stop.

I found a nice website with some old Irish Seanfhocails.


I can remember a very scary humped back Irish teacher from the west, (Bean Uí Eoín) drilling these into us - hadn't a clue then.

Bíonn gach duine go lách go dtéann bó ina gharraí.

Everyone is good natured until a cow goes into their garden.

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 14 years ago

I now officially know more French, italian and Spanish than the Irish I learned for 12 years (how many!!??). Such a testament to time well spent and the methods of the Christian Brothers. Mind you it was back in the days of the Jacobs Foods programme with Gaybo, Monica Carr and of course ..Hospitals requests.

A big case of 'Use it or lose it'!

...agus anois an aimsir...

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Posted by shane- - 14 years ago

i done the same in america with my friend but got caught out one day. he said, -sean,cailin go deas ar a tri a chlog. and i turned to be greeted by girls from cork sayin conas ata tu sean!?!s k

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Posted by Emma_Keogh-182851 - 14 years ago

Whilst travelling throughout OZ we found it useful to communicate and not to be understood!!

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Posted by Navanman-194127 - 14 years ago

Long time since I tried to type Irish, don't know the code for the Fada's on this KeyboardHaving enough trouble with trying to learn French at the momentNavanman

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Posted by Si-180835 - 14 years ago

From my Irish better half I believe its Ceard é an scéal? :-)

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Posted by Navanman-194127 - 14 years ago

An coupla focals, ceard a an sceal.?Navanman