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Is it proper English?

Posted by Als-213435 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Acme Decorating - 7 years ago

The first is an implication of future (a view) with a future action (taking advantage) and is correct.

The second is an implication of future and taking a present tense action within the projected future (to take) and is equally and interchangeably correct.

The third is just wrong!


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Posted by Jayne-190005 - 7 years ago

Agree with J366 and Daniel!

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Posted by J366 - 7 years ago

It's fine. Perfectly good explanation Daniel by the way! :)

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Posted by Daniel H - 7 years ago

I'm by no means the authority here, but as no one else has replied yet...

In my opinion the sentence reads okay. Although you'd probably get away with both In this context, I think 'with a view to' would be better rather than 'with a view of'.

'View' used in two different contexts:

With a view to playing football ('view' being an action to begin to play)

With a view of the beach ('view' being the ability to see the beach from a location)

It's slightly confusing because you take/are taking advantage of something/someone. However the verb is to take so 'view to taking advantage' sounds fine.

Of course, you could just say 'in order to take advantage of an anticipated turnaround in the market' instead!

Hope someone else can explain it better than I have.