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Is it true about stewardess'?

Posted by Great Dame - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

I'm afraid I was being frivolous about the chain locker ! I would agree 100% with 'Monaco Max' - these stories are a thing of the past and more often than not , wildly exagerated ! I would however advise starting on a larger vessel as perhaps junior stewardess to learn the trade so to speak , rather than a 3 man crew where your niece will probably have to do all the domestic chores, cooking and lend a hand on deck - I'm sorry to say that these days the crew are too busy and too tired by the end of a long day to even contemplate what you may have feared ! Possibly the Owners of this small yacht have asked for a female for the interior duties , in which case it's up to you to decide if this is a bona fide offer of employment and trust to your niece's common sense . I would wish to know if she has her own cabin , her rate of pay , if there is a contract or not, what Flag State the yacht is under and whether Private or Charter or both and the general conditions of her employment .

On a more romantic note - the young attractive ( intelligent ) stewardess and the good looking (ambitious ) Captain from days of yore are now happily married with loads of kids ,and running 60 metre yachts !! so it can't be all bad can it ?

Both my daughters ( blond & attractive ) have worked on the Yachts over the years and we have all come through the experience unscathed - you should perhaps re-consider your decision ?


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Posted by Great Dame - 16 years ago

Dear all,

Thanks for the many replies... I have decided NOT to advise my niece to venture onto the yachts.

After hearing a few horror stories now via email it isn't worth the risk, if she is going to be on a small boat with only 2 other male crew on board and anchored away for months with only MonacoMax occasionally peeking in...

enough said


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Posted by martinb-185976 - 16 years ago

And that's it.


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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

Dear Auntie,

A curious posting indeed - most attractive young women , whatever realm of employment they are engaged in , will be treated as a sexual object - this is part and parcel of the propagation of the species - however when thrust together between the crews mess and the chain locker , at anchor for months on end , it's inevitable that the testorosone will come into play and sexual intercourse will take place between the hawse pipes ! I've always said that as long as they are on deck the next morning , what they get up to down below shouldn't effect their performance in front of the Owner or guests !



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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

quote:I am not sure whether the size of the boat will have any baring on her treatment

Slightly unfortunate typo there Max! (Or Freudian slip!)

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Posted by Monaco Max-189694 - 16 years ago

From my experience (so never as crew, but often as casual observer), I would say that the stories are generally myths. Providing your niece is placed by a reputable crew agency, she will have a reasonable assurance of good treatment. I am not sure whether the size of the boat will have any baring on her treatment, but I can't see why it would. As for the question of whether your niece will be treated in a sexual way, it has been my experience, that some stewardess' (this is a very small minority) actively court the sexual attention of crew and indeed guests on board. More than once I have had stewardess' giving me their numbers, inviting themselves to stay, and on one memorable occasion, actually found one in my bed! It seems to me unlikely that a stewardess will find herself compromised, and if this were to happen then a quick call to the crew agency, would see her on the next flight home.Essentially, I think, provided she chooses a boat with a similar basic itinerary as that to which she wishes to keep, with the assistance of a good agent, she will have a fantastic summer. It is comendable that you should be so concerned for her welfare, and if you're still not convinced I will gladly volunteer to keep an eye on your attractive young niece throughout the season!MAX (of Monaco)