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IT advice

Posted by peter last - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by peter last - 13 years ago

Thanks again, it`s certainly not boring-fascinating stuff, at least I can understand what your`e telling me- other people just leave me cold with their IT language, just don`t have a clue what they are going on about!

To be quite honest without forums like this I just couldn`t consider such things, so this advice is really appreciated-yeh, I did think about ISP charges for Wi Fi- lots to consider eh?


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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

quote:Now then, lets read the 40 page syndic rules (in French!)-ha! 

Before you get too bored, another thought occurred: it's possible that the syndic rules may have been modified since the building was completed so the rule about cable TV could be in an addendum which doesn't always get passed on to new owners (that was my case, in fact, that's why I thought I'd mention it! ;-); but a quick way to guess is simply to observe your neighbours' balconies and the roof of the building. No aerials and no satellite dishes, or only the odd few sat. dishes at more or less 'below-balcony-parapet' level [most likely against the rules!], and you can bet the building is 'cable-only' or it may have a communal aerial and/or communal satellite dish (hire a helicopter to check it out! ;-).

The above does not of course preclude either terrestial TV with an inside aerial (but the choice of channels is up to 5 or 6 max. here and all French, whilst the quality of reception will depend entirely on your appartment's precise situation) or digital Broadband TV over the Internet: you don't need cable or satellite for this, the pre-requisite is just an ordinary 'phone line. I'm pretty sure this will anyway take over from satellite and cable in due course...

quote:Maybe the solution is to buy a wireless laptop

Note that even with a wireless laptop, the wireless bit in your appartment will only operate between the laptop and the router/modem connected to your 'phone socket  i.e. you'll will need an ISP subscription of some kind to connect to the outside world.

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Posted by peter last - 13 years ago

Thanks very much,very helpful reply, it`s certainly given me food for thought. Maybe the solution is to buy a wireless laptop with all required features for me and have a portable TV for visitors eh? Now then, lets read the 40 page syndic rules (in French!)-ha! Peter

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Hi Peter, it's certainly possible to do what you say, but first it may be an idea to work out how your TV transmissions will be supplied, especially as I'm not sure if FREE can supply their highly attractive broadband TV+internet+telephone offer in Nice quite yet - if not, maybe someone else can tell us when?

Failing this, it would be good to find out if there any restrictions in your appartment building on TV reception, incl. satellite (some don't allow sat. dishes or aerials, are wired for cable and only allow the possibility of subscribing to one specific cable operator - this will be specified in the "syndic" rules, or you can ask the previous owner or the estate agent). This will then give you an indication of TV reception costs.

In my view, the disadvantages of the all-in-one solution are the noise of the PC when listening to audio CDs/DVDs, the restrictive size of screen for TV and, if you're renting out with TV included, the fact that your guests will be messing about with the PC just to watch TV - it's a slightly more delicate setup to my mind.

In general terms, you'll need to pay a monthly ISP subscription fee if you want regular Internet access (or an all-in-one TV+Internet monthly fee, such as FREE's mentioned above in the case of broadband TV). Either that or pay-as-you-go connection charges on your 'phone bill, depending on how often you want Internet access.  As for a TV licence, yes, you need to pay it if your home is equipped with device(s) capable of receiving TV transmissions - from 2005 I believe the tax authorities will be cross-checking on those who declare they don't have a TV with cable/satellite/broadband TV subscription lists and shops selling TVs also have to declare such purchases.  In any event, the TV licence is only 116.50 euros p.a. at present.

Hope some of this helps.