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Job hunting / agencies

Posted by GemG - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by GemG - 16 years ago

Thanks for that, I will check those sites out.

I do speak French as it was part of my degree and I've already spent a year there but I just find it hard to get myself across properly in French.  I don't know how to make my application stand out enough against the others.

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Posted by Piper-188613 - 16 years ago


There are many ways to find a job down here, but it's not always obvious as they usually look for somebody who speaks french fluently too...

You can look on www.emploi.monaco.net or on the riviera radio website www.rivieraradio.mc

On the www.anpe.fr website you can look for a job with "mot cles", you type "english" and you get all the companies that are looking for somebody who speaks english.

In Antibes there is a lot of Crew agencies looking for people to work on yachts, but I dont think that is what you are looking for. 

Other than that there is of course this website which posts most of the companies looking for english speaking candidates.

Good luck with your search!


P. Piper

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Posted by GemG - 16 years ago

Has anyone got any suggestions please?

I had 2 interviews with specialist bilingual recruitment agencies in Paris and they seemed pretty positive but I really have my heart set on returning to the South.  Common sense would suggest there must be bilingual agencies down South too but I can't find any on the internet.  Does anyone know any please?

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Posted by GemG - 16 years ago

I'm not really too fussy about exact job titles, I just want a job (office job) that uses my brain and is a challenge.  Marketing really interests me and I have some experience in it or I think I'd be good at an assistante de direction type role because I am well organised and it requires working on your own initiative.  In my last job I taught myself to build an intranet site from scratch, even though I had no experience.  Other than that, I spent a year in export sales (although I wouldn't want to do sales again) and have temped part-time in a variety of jobs for 4 years at uni.

I'd consider a 3 month-ish or more CDD too but it would be hard to register with a temp agency from the UK.  I figure once I get back to France it will be easier to look for something more permanent.


At the moment, I am checking www.anpe.fr and www.monster.fr regularly, amongst others.

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Posted by Zeynep-183200 - 16 years ago

Could you tell us a little about the kind of job you are looking for & your work experience? There are a couple of headhunters/agencies I know but they are highly specialized and would not be able to help outside of their sector.

Alternatively, try www.monster.fr , the jobs section of www.nice-matin.fr , and of course, the Jobs Offered section of this site.

Good luck,